The classic mid-century modern Womb chair on a rainbow ombre background.

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The Eames chairs seem to get all the hype when it comes to mid-century design, but the Womb chair deserves just as much glory. Initially called No. 70, this chair was quickly renamed the “Womb” because of its molded fiberglass form that practically invites you to curl up and relax.

But like so many historic designs, the price of this chair has crept up over the years. If this price is too far even to be aspirational, then it’s reasonable to search for a decent replica.

Womb chair reproductions are less common than other designs, but I have created a comprehensive guide with everything you need to know to make the right decision. I’ve included chairs inspired by this design to give the best range of price and quality.

So get cozy, and let’s get started!

What is the Significance of the Womb Chair?

Designed in 1946, Eero Saarinen created the Womb chair as the ideal combination of maximum comfort and style. Constructed for Florence Knoll, the chair made her feel like she was enveloped in a basket full of pillows.

Like other mid-century designers of his time, Saarinen was highly inspired by the newly available post-war materials. Traditional upholstery methods had previously depended on coils and stuffing for support.

The Innovation of the Womb Lounge Chair

The Womb chair was a revolution because Saarinen created the structure from a molded fiberglass shell before wrapping it in foam and upholstery.

An illustration of the classic Eero Saarinen Womb chair, detailing the fiberglass shell, stainless steel frame, and fabric options.

This modern design allowed the structural shell to be highly sculptural. The winged armrests and ergonomic shape all add to why the Womb chair is known for being one of the most comfortable chairs and ottomans you can purchase.

Saarinen’s beautiful furniture design has become an iconic symbol for those looking for the perfect armchair to adorn their home while relaxing. These luxurious details and high-end materials make a truly timeless piece of furniture. 

The Womb chair is loved by many and will remain a classic choice for design enthusiasts. A real Knoll Womb chair is a fantastic investment and a quintessential designer chair, but this chair is nowhere close to being an affordable price.

A yellow Womb chair with stainless steel
legs designed by mid century modernism architect Eero Saarinen. The chair is in a sleek room surrounded by modern furniture classics.
Image via 2modern

Even Elle Woods loves this Saarinen designed classic:

In her signature pink, of course.

How to Choose the Right Womb Chair

Although the Womb chair is a quintessential piece worthy of any classic mid-century modern design home, Womb chair alternatives are less ubiquitous than other designs from that era. Considering this, think about whether you want a faithful Womb chair replica or a design representing the same spirit as the original one.

Features to consider before buying a Womb chair and ottoman should be:


Since knock-offs are less prevalent, finding a deeply discounted Womb chair can be challenging. Both the Womb chair and the Eames lounge chair are mid-century modern classics, but the Eames version is more common, significantly reducing its price. 

You must spend some money if you want a high-quality replica and a faithful dupe of Saarinen’s design. But don’t worry. These replica Womb Chairs are still significantly cheaper than the authentic versions.

If budget is your biggest concern, you must be more open-minded about the design, buy a secondhand piece, or skip the ottoman. The ottoman definitely adds to the appeal and overall comfort of the chair, but you could also consider pairing the chair with an ottoman of a different design.


The original, iconic design is a fiberglass shell covered in molded foam and upholstered in fabric. The polished stainless steel legs make the chair look almost ethereal.

When shopping for a Womb chair replica, you will find that some companies offer many upholstery options while others only deliver a few. The real Knoll Womb chair legs have a chrome stainless steel or black powder-coated frame, but some companies offer alternatives, like white.

Wood legs are an option if you are considering an alternative that feels more inspired by the original design than an exact replica. This gives the frame a stylish update and is typically much cheaper.


At the end of the day, comfort is the most critical design feature of the Womb chair. The chair should have high-quality foam, and the fabric used for upholstery should have a high rub count for durability.

A cheaper chair often uses lower-quality foam, making the cushion seat firmer.

With all this in mind, your Womb chair will bring an effortless style to your space while offering you a cozy spot to unwind — that’s what Florence Knoll had in mind!

The Knoll Womb Chair from 2modern is a classic in any modern home. This gray velvet Womb Chair has a stainless steel frame and is next to a white tulip table. The room is clad in warm wood walls, with a gray rug on the floor.
Image via 2modern

What is the Best Womb Chair Replica of 2024?

​​Here are my favorite Womb chair alternatives:
  1. Eternity Modern – Most Authentic Replica
  2. Haven Lounge ChairMost Affordable
  3. CIMOTA Lounge Chair – Best Inspired Budget Option
  4. Kardiel Lounge Chair and Ottoman
  5. Field Lounge Chair
  6. Vesper Lounge Chair
  7. Gable High Armchair Set
  8. Rolled Arm Chair
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1. Eternity Modern

Most Authentic Replica
A baby blue velvet Womb chair with stainless steel legs.

If you are on the hunt for an authentic-looking Womb chair for a fraction of the price, look no further than Eternity Modern. The proportions are very similar to the original Eero Saarinen model, and you will pay about a third of the cost.

Eternity Modern does not scrimp on the details. You can select from multiple leg finishes – chrome, black, or white, and over sixty upholstery options, including leather and boucle. It’s even possible to provide your own fabric for the ultimate custom chair, which is really unique. 

Many chair options can be shipped immediately, while some are custom order. You can order up to 12 swatches of fabric (including the classic boucle fabric) to ensure you get the perfect color for your decor. The chair arrives fully assembled, making the whole process stress-free.

Eternity Modern is perfect for creating a mid-century modern design look without breaking the bank. With their low prices and excellent customer service, it’s hard to beat this combination of style and value.

All the fantastic customization options and attention to detail make Eternity Modern the best Womb chair alternative available on the market today – and all at a surprisingly reasonable price.

2. Haven Lounge Chair

Most Affordable

Wayfair has the absolute best price on a quality Womb chair replica. The dimensions of this version are very close to the original Knoll Womb chair, and the cashmere wool upholstery looks beyond cozy.

This version only has two upholstery options compared to Eternity Modern’s many, but the price reduction may be worth the limitations. Overall, this is a high-quality replica at an excellent price that ships quickly!

3. CIMOTA Lounge Chair

Best Inspired Budget Option
A yellow lounge chair and ottoman which is inspired by Saarinen's womb chair. This is one of the best womb chair replicas on a budget.

If you want the look of the Womb chair but are on a tight budget, this upholstered chair by CIMOTA has an overall shape that feels inspired by the original. It might look different from the original design, but you could buy almost twenty of these chairs for one authentic Womb chair!

This chair is a budget option, so the winged arms and the elegant curves of the Saarinen Womb chair are a little different, but the spirit is there. The legs are wood instead of metal, but the angled shape gives this piece that classic, mid-century flair.

You can purchase this chair with or without the matching ottoman, which is excellent if you want to mix up the look in your room. 

The fabric upholstery is available in three timeless colors to complement your decor, and the deep cushioned seat ensures comfort. 

Overall, if you’re looking for a low-cost way to get the Womb chair’s look, you’ll love the style and affordable price of this piece. 

A Womb Chair and Ottoman by Kardiel is shown on a field of white. This mid century modern classic by Eero Saarinen is shown in cream boucle fabric with black legs.

Kardiel offers another superb replica with excellent proportions. This version is a few inches deeper than the Eternity Modern version, which might be beneficial if you prefer a roomier seat.

The frame is available in contemporary black steel, and you can choose from five upholstery selections. Assembled in fifteen minutes or less, you will be ready to read and lounge in no time.

A modern interpretation of the original Eero Saarinen design, The Field Lounge chair offers a modern twist on the original Womb Chair. It's shown with cream upholstery and matching cream metal base.

The Field Lounge Chair from Blue Dot looks more like an evolution in the Womb chair design than a replica. The architectural powder-coated steel base is sculptural and modern, and the elegant curves of the seat draw you in.

This design does not include an ottoman, but this allows you to pair the chair with something unique. The Field Lounge Chair is available in various colors and fabrics so that you can create the perfect look for your space.

You could even consider adding an authentic Womb ottoman sourced from a secondhand shop!

The Vesper by Burrow is another excellent chair that feels inspired by the original Womb chair but not a replica. The upholstered version feels luxurious and sculptural, much like the Womb Chair, but instead, it feels like a modern representation.

It doesn’t have indented armrests, but the overall curviness makes up for it. Both the ottoman and the lumbar pillow are optional.

The modern beauty has great curves and is much more affordable than the original Womb chair – you can get one with an ottoman for under $1,000.

The Gable High Armchair is a spectacular option for a modern and timeless interpretation of the Womb chair. The curved silhouette has been stretched for taller proportions, and the light wood legs give a relaxed and chic vibe overall.

I think architect Eero Saarinen would approve of this fun Womb chair twist. Add a Womb Ottoman for maximum comfort and make this set feel like a contemporary dream!

This Rolled Arm Chair from West Elm is a fun play on the Womb chair. The sculpted arms look like they are hugging the sleek, black iron frame, and the slight curve of the metal makes this chair feel very whimsical.

There is no matching ottoman, but it’s still a terrific choice if you’re looking for a chair with personality. The Rolled Arm Chair has supportive cushioning and is available in a boucle fabric or rich leather.

Final Thoughts

It’s hard to find a more comfortable chair than this classic design from Eero Saarinen. The Womb Chair is effortlessly chic, and any mid-century enthusiast will love it. Its deep seat and organic shape make it the ideal spot to de-stress any time of day.

If you want the closest thing to the original architectural specifications, I highly recommend the replica from Eternity Modern. They have the best quality dupe with the most design options.

If you are more open-minded about the design, I suggest the Vesper. It still feels very much in line with the intention of the original design, and you will be comfortable while reading your favorite books.

I hope this information helped you find the perfect Womb chair replica for your modern that you will enjoy for years. With its elegant design and maximum comfort, it’s sure to be a great addition to your home.

Thanks for reading!

A red womb settee and ottoman is shown from above with a library wall and ladder.
Image via 2modern
A beige boucle Womb chair (which Saarinen designed for Knoll) is in a wood room with modern furniture in front of a fireplace.
Image via 2modern