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The Eames chair replica is a classic mid-century modern chair designed by the husband and wife team, Charles and Ray Eames. Initially designed in 1956, these lounge chairs are considered one of the most significant pieces of 20th-century furniture.

The chairs are known for their comfortable and stylish design and are featured in many famous films and TV shows.

If you aren’t ready to spend around $7,000 for a new Eames chair and ottoman, you have come to the right place!

Today, many companies sell replicas of the Eames lounge chair and ottoman, and you can find them online or in furniture stores. This guide will help you find the best replica Eames chair to let you sit back and relax in style.

The Benefits of Owning An Eames Lounge Chair

It’s hard to beat an original Eames lounge chair and ottoman when it comes to quintessential mid-century design. This chair, designed by Charles and Ray Eames, is the epitome of style and comfort, making it a great addition to any home.

This modern chair can be a foundation for any stylish room. Their clean lines and minimal design provide an excellent starting point for any contemporary or transitional space.

The traditional molded plywood shell paired with the black leather upholstery of an Eames chair is an absolute classic. Although this chair has the ultimate Mad Men vibes, the lines are sleek and current, adding chic coziness to a room.

Whether looking for a contemporary chair for your living room or a foundation piece for your home office, an Eames chair replica is an excellent choice. A lounge chair and ottoman from the Herman Miller Furniture Company is a fantastic investment, and an authentic chair will always be the best Eames lounge chair.

The Eames chair and ottoman from the original manufacturer is shown in black aniline leather with a walnut wood shell. The lounge chair and ottoman are iconic pieces crafted with the highest quality.
Image via 2modern.com
But unfortunately, the sky high cost is beyond most people’s budgets.

If you are interested in learning more about what makes this chair so expensive and whether or not the investment is worth it, I have a full article on the subject here.

The original Herman Miller Eames chair debuted on the TODAY Show in 1956.

How to Choose the Right Replica For Your Home 

When choosing a good Eames chair dupe for your home or office, consider a few things:

Chair Size

An authentic Herman Miller chair is available in standard and tall sizes. People were generally much shorter when this chair hit the market, and the original chair is supposed to be perfect for people between 5′-2″ and 5′-10″. The taller model is ideal for anyone over 5′-10″.

That being said, most people prefer the larger, more roomy chair, even if they are shorter. Not all replica chairs are available in different sizes, but if they are, I recommend selecting the taller size, no matter your height. 

A diagram visually explaining reasons why you would buy a real, inspired or fake Eames chair.
To buy an original Eames chair or a fake?

Price + Budget

Budget is another critical factor when choosing a high-quality replica. Since the market of Eames chair replicas is so competitive, the quality of the craftsmanship and materials will directly affect the price.

The highest-quality replicas are still a significant investment but will be a fraction of the price of an authentic, iconic Eames lounge chair.

The upside is that if you ever want to sell your lounge chair, the higher-end replicas will hold their value better than a cheaper knockoff.

It’s important to weigh the long-term benefits of your chair purchase. If you plan to use it daily, invest in quality that will last. But if it’s mainly for show, it’s best to find an option that offers a lot of bang for your buck. 

Chair replicas very close to the original specs are higher in price than versions that take more liberty with the design. If these details are important to you, consider this when looking at the cost differences.

The original Eames lounge chair from Herman Miller arrives fully assembled, but with replicas, it’s a different story. Higher-end replicas will require less assembly than their cheaper counterparts. 

Quality Of The Materials

Quality is essential – especially for furniture you sit on often. You want to avoid ending up with a chair that falls apart after just a few months of use. A good Eames chair replica will have high-quality aniline leather, plush removable cushions, a solid wood structure, a shiny chrome metal base, and rubber shock mounts.

This list’s number one recommendation uses the same foam type as a genuine Eames chair. This will make the seat soft and comfortable. Typically, lower-end seating will have firmer cushions. 

Leather quality will vary depending on the replica, and high quality leather will be more durable in the long run.

If you need clarification on the types of leather, I have a detailed description of leather grades here

The molded plywood shell is one of the most iconic parts of the original furniture design. Initially produced in a hardwood species called rosewood, palisander is now used instead for sustainability purposes, and walnut is also very common.

Most replica eames lounge chairs will have faux veneers that match the color of these wood species. Good replicas should have nice looking wood, even if the wood is simulated.

Faithfulness To The Original Design Specs

This guide has options that look almost exactly like the Eames chair straight from the Herman Miller Company, and some have the spirit of the initial design.

Since you aren’t buying the real thing, you can take an artistic license or go with a dupe that’s a close copy – the choice is yours.

If you want something that looks like it came from the original manufacturer, look for chairs with correctly proportioned legs and arms that use high-quality materials. Avoid chairs with cheap hardware or stiff, uncomfortable upholstery.

If you want a full rundown of the differences between a real vs. a fake Eames Lounge Chair, I’ve written a whole article about it here.

The Herman Miller Eames chair, designed by Charles and Ray Eames, is shown with a walnut finish is shown in front of an ornate marble fireplace.
The Herman Miller original is a work of art – Image via 2modern

What is the Best Eames Chair Replica of 2023?

​​Here are the best Eames chair lookalikes:

  1. The Iconic ChairMost Authentic Replica
  2. Amazon Mid-Century Lounge Chair and Ottoman – Best Value
  3. Latitude Run Lounge Chair and Ottoman – Most Durable
  4. Italian Red Lounge Chair and Ottoman
  5. Vesper Lounge Chair and Ottoman by Burrow
  6. Hetherington Vegan Leather Swivel Recliner
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1. The Iconic Chair – Most Authentic Replica

The Iconic Chair is one of the most luxury Eames lounge chair replicas and one of the top Eames chair dupes on the market.
The Iconic Chair is one of the best Eames chair replicas if you want the closest reproduction to the original Herman Miller Eames lounge chair and ottoman

The Iconic Chair makes an ultra-premium version of the Eames lounge chair, and it’s by far one of the best dupes on the market. This chair is very close to the dimensions of the original chair and features the same plush open-cell foam, ensuring ultimate comfort.

Although it’s a premium price, this chair offers superior detailing that mimics the original. The deep button tufting creates the “classic flower” creases in the leather, and rubber shock mounts add extra support under the armrests.

The removable cushions are available in six rich colors, and all leather is full-grain aniline, the highest grade of leather. Imported from Italy, this leather is exceptionally durable and will only improve with age. 

Shipping is free, and assembly only requires the installation of 8 screws. The chair has a 3-year warranty against defects, and customers love their dedicated customer service. 

One of my favorite things about this company is that they have been in business for over a decade, which is very unusual in this market. In that time, they’ve worked through their manufacturing and logistics process, so they know what they are doing. Looking into other companies, you will see this is unique. 


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The Iconic Chair is the most high-end replica and the best Eames lounge chair dupe you will find on the market without investing in an original design. Their color selection and attention to detail set them apart in the reproduction market. And it’s priced significantly less than a genuine Herman Miller lounge chair.

2. Amazon Mid-Century Lounge Chair and Ottoman – Best Value

An Eames chair replica in leather and walnut wood veneer. Walmart offers one of the best replicas if you are on a tight budget.

Amazon is your best option when it comes to finding the perfect mid-century chair at a budget-friendly price. This version has a decent selection of wood and leather finishes, and the real leather is high-quality. Black leather is the quintessential mid-century classic, but the optional ivory and white leather are also chic.

This lounge chair is available in two sizes: a standard and a tall option, similar to the original Eames lounge chair. If you are taller than 5′-5″, the seller recommends the tall version, but I recommend the tall version no matter what.

This chair will require more assembly than my #1 pick, but the install guide includes a YouTube video to make things easier. The foam will also be firmer in this option, and the proportions could be nicer, but if you are on a budget, this is an excellent chair for the price.

This pick is the absolute best Eames inspired chair on a budget. The quality is great considering the price, and this chair will look good in your home or office!

3. Latitude Run Lounge Chair and Ottoman – Most Durable

An Eames chair replica in black leather with walnut wood veneer.

This lounge chair and ottoman from Wayfair looks virtually identical to the real thing but for a fraction of the price. The leather upholstery and wood are available in multiple colors, making it the perfect mid-century accessory.

The dimensions of this style are very close to the original Eames chair. However, this replica is even more sturdy, giving it a higher weight limit than an authentic Eames lounge chair – it has a weight limit of a shocking 550 lbs!

This is one of the best Eames chair dupes for a rowdy family or if you don’t want to be too dainty with your furniture. It’s also way more affordable!

4. Italian Red Lounge Chair and Ottoman

The classic mid century lounge chair has the typical walnut wood shell, but this Eames chair has a bold upgrade with bright red leather.

It’s hard to improve upon the iconic lounge chair and ottoman, but if you are looking for an eye catching piece that really stands out, this vibrant red leather is a standout amongst other chair replicas.

I don’t know what Charles and Ray Eames would think, but I know this piece will surely be a conversation starter in any space!

5. Vesper Lounge Chair and Ottoman by Burrow

A mid century lounge chair inspired by the Eames chair is in black leather with a solid wood shell.

The Vesper isn’t trying to be an Eames chair replica, but that’s part of its charm. The sleek plywood shell paired with the supple black leather gives the same vibe as the original from the Herman Miller Company, but this design takes on a new look.

This chair may not swivel, but customers’ reviews rave about the high quality and superior comfort. The aesthetic is still chic and classic but with a modern twist, making this a great updated set for your modern living room.

The ottoman is sold separately, and together, the pair is a great Eames chair alternative – and all for a much lower price.

6. Hetherington Vegan Leather Swivel Recliner

A black PU leather lounge chair is sturdy and comfy for a fraction of the price tag of a true Eames chair.

Ok, I know what you are thinking…How is this an Eames chair replica? This looks pretty far from the iconic chair. Are you crazy? But hear me out…

If you are on an extreme budget but want Herman Miller vibes, this chair might just surprise you. Gone are the luxury materials and molded plywood, but what it lacks in design, it makes up in function. And the price tag is much easier to bear.

It can swivel a full 360 degrees and recline easily. And the faux leather in classic black is still pretty nice.

I gave my husband an authentic Eames chair as a wedding gift, which he couldn’t love more. But he wanted a cheaper substitute for his dorm room for one of his long military deployments.

This is the chair and ottoman he purchased, and it was a good substitute. The headrest is less supportive than the original, and the tilt has to be manually adjusted, but he found it easy to relax in this chair.

He still misses his Eames chair but was happy with this buy, considering the amount of money he was able to save.

Final Thoughts

The Eames lounge chair and ottoman has been around for over 60 years and is still one of the most popular chair designs. But that doesn’t mean you need to drop a ton of money to add this iconic mid-century lounge chair to your home. 

The Iconic Chair is hands down one of the best Eames chair dupes on the market today. This lounge chair and ottoman use premium materials, and the company has excellent customer service to help you with your purchase. For these reasons, this is the best Eames replica without investing in an authentic original.

I recommend checking out Amazon if you want one of the best Eames-inspired designs at a great price. You will be hard-pressed to find a better deal that looks so close to the original. 

Whether looking for a perfect duplicate or something with a little more flair, one of these lounge chair dupes will look great in your space. Not only are all the chairs on this list comfortable, but they will add instant polish to any room. 

If you have any questions about the differences between these chairs or why a certain chair isn’t on this list, please feel free to reach out. I’d be more than happy to give you more information.

Thank you so much for reading, and I hope you found this guide helpful! If you enjoyed this information, you might also like reading about the best Womb Chair replica or best modular sectional sofas.

The iconic mid century Eames lounge chair in dark brown leather is in a bright white room with a fluffy rug. A pillow has been added to the chair for lumbar support.
An Eames chair can make any space feel sophisticated but comfy. The brown leather paired with the Eames lounge chair is a great contrast with the black and white rug.