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If you were to assemble the quintessential mid-century living room, it would include an Eames Lounge Chair, a sleek sofa in a bold colorway, and statement lighting. And the jewel in the center would be the iconic Noguchi coffee table to pull the whole look together. 

One of my favorite projects in Architecture School was to design a museum space for mid-century artist and mastermind Isamu Noguchi. Since then, his sculptures, lighting, and furniture have inspired me, and I’ve never gotten his stylish design out of my mind.

A sculptural Noguchi table is, without a doubt, an eye-catching statement piece in any living room. If you aren’t prepared to invest your cash in an original, I’ve compiled a list of the best affordable yet stylish Noguchi table alternatives.  

Let’s jump in and find the best replica for your mod living room!

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Who is Noguchi?

Famous as a visual artist, furniture designer, and landscape architect, Isamu Noguchi created an incredible range of work over his lifetime. His career started with a focus on making busts, which morphed into everything from light sculptures to large-scale public artworks.

Noguchi was one of the first American designers to embrace the space-age shapes of the post-war atomic age and translate these ideals into contemporary furniture for homes across the country. In 1947, he began a partnership producing furniture with Herman Miller, and many of these designs have been in continuous production ever since.

Side note: Noguchi was always experimenting with new materials and how he could push designs further. He was friends and contemporaries with Ray and Charles Eames, who shared a similar philosophy.

They built a ceiling grid in their now famous Eames Case Study House so Noguchi could hang his Akari light sculptures, and the grid is still in the home today. 

What is the Noguchi Table?

One of Noguchi’s most acclaimed designs for Herman Miller was his distinctive triangle coffee table, which has been in production since 1948. With two organically shaped solid wood legs that interlock at a minimal pivot point and a thick glass top in the shape of a rounded triangle, this design perfectly balances art and function.

The wood base pieces hold the heavy glass top almost by magic, and these sculptural lines are sure to make a statement in your home decor. An original table from Herman Miller has Noguchi’s signature etched in two places to signify authenticity. 

The Herman Miller version
of the famous Noguchi coffee table with a glass tabletop and organically shaped solid wood legs is on a white background.

If you can afford an authentic Noguchi table, the superior craftsmanship and quality materials are worth the investment. This piece is sure to appreciate with age, but you aren’t alone if you don’t have a couple thousand dollars to spend on a coffee table. 

Luckily, replicas are available in a wide range of price points, and they will add the same sleek look to your home.

A bright modern living room with a simple but classic design is filled with museum worthy furnishings. The back wall has a large white brick fireplace that shares the space with wall mounted bookshelves.
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Things to Consider Before Buying a Noguchi Replica

Before you choose the right coffee table replica for your home, there are a few things to consider:


Whether buying an original or a dupe, the thick tempered glass used on this tabletop is heavy! Be prepared to have a helper move this around upon delivery.

The wooden base connects at a pivot point to form a tripod for self-stabilizing, but this is typically very easy to assemble, no matter what version you purchase. Most replica companies provide a video to help with the installation. 


A coffee table gets less wear than other furniture, especially items you would sit on, like a modular sectional or a lounge chair. If you are looking for a place to save money, I always recommend that tables are a better place to cut costs than seating. 

If I had to choose between a designer chair or a designer table, I would always pick the chair because you interact with it more, and it gets more daily wear.

This doesn’t mean that a coffee table is a recommended way to invest your money, but if you take care of your purchase, a real Noguchi Table will stand the test of time. A replica won’t hold the same value or wear as well, so consider this when deciding how much you are willing to contribute to your purchase.


Check the dimensions of any dupe before you make a purchase. Many manufacturers will shrink the overall size or change the proportions to make the overall style awkward. 

All of the options on this list are very close to the proportions of the original table. I’ve also provided an option inspired by the original and offered in multiple sizes, but this is a bonus and doesn’t change the intent of the design.

Pros + Cons of a Replica

Buying replicas can be contentious, but I believe there is no black-and-white answer. If you are considering buying a Noguchi table replica, you should weigh your circumstances and the pros and cons before you make your decision: 

To Buy Fake?

  • Knock-offs are a great budget option. 
  • Better for families or rowdy households because authentic furniture needs to be treated delicately.
  • You can choose to paint a replica or be creative with the design.
  • Most replicas typically have a weight capacity of 330 lbs vs. 200 lbs of the original version.
  • Knock-offs steal intellectual property from the original designer.
  • Dupes are “fast furniture” and not sustainable. However, budget furniture, in general, is not sustainable – this is not unique to knock-offs. Just calling out replicas is unfair as a concept in this industry (in my opinion).
To Buy Real?

  • The original design will appreciate over time, while a replica does not hold value.
  • Authentic designs use high-quality materials and better craftsmanship that far exceeds any dupe.
  • You are supporting the original designer when you buy the real thing.
  • An authentic Herman Miller version is over $2000 and out of reach for most.
  • Museum quality is durable but must be treated with extreme care so it will retain its value.
A mid century modern living space has a glass curtain wall and a chunky stone fireplace. An Eames lounge chair shares the space with other modern furnishings.
Image via 2modern

What are the Best Noguchi Table Replicas of 2024?

​​Here are my top picks for the best Noguchi table dupes:
  1. Eternity Modern Reproduction – Highest-Quality Dupe
  2. Tome Triangle Glass Coffee Table – Best Budget Option
  3. Corrigan Studio Abstract Coffee Table
  4. Room&Board Sanders Coffee Table
  5. Stauber Acrylic Coffee Table
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1. Eternity Modern Reproduction – Highest-Quality Dupe

A sculptural knock off cocktail table has a glass top with a beveled lower shelf and light oak wood legs.

Eternity Modern focuses on high-quality reproductions, and they’ve done it again with the Noguchi Coffee Table. While the price of this piece is significantly higher than the other replicas on this list, the workmanship is impeccable, and it’s still half the price of an original. 

The wooden base is available in natural ash or solid American walnut, and all products have a 1-year warranty.

This version is hands down the best quality replica you will find on the market and a very high-quality reproduction. It’s the most expensive option, but it’s still a huge savings compared to a Herman Miller table, and you still get excellent quality.

2. Tome Triangle Glass Coffee Table – Best Budget Option

A knock off modern style table with a glass top and  wood support.

For a fraction of the price, the Tome Triangle Coffe Table is the ideal budget find. The details aren’t quite as refined as the Eternity Modern version, but this table still has that contemporary, slick shape and will be a reliable, sturdy piece of furniture in your living space. 

It’s available in five finishes – and it’s also hard to beat the free shipping and delivery time offered by Amazon.

This table will make the perfect addition to your mod home, and at this fantastic price, you will still have money left over to spend furnishing the rest of your space! 

3. Corrigan Studio Abstract Coffee Table

A knock off table that has the perfect balance of a sculptural glass top and  wood support.

The Abstract Coffee Table from Wayfair is another fantastic budget option. The proportions of the interlocking wood base are slightly more bulbous than the original, but most people would not notice this. 

Available in four beautiful wood grains, this table is a bargain!

4. Room&Board Sanders Coffee Table

A sculptural style table that has a glass top and a wood support.

The Sanders coffee table from Room&Board isn’t a Noguchi replica but a design inspired by the timeless original. The table features a walnut wood base with a tempered glass top, but the abstract structure updates the curves. 

Available in four sizes and three tabletop shapes, this unique and affordable option will give you the feel of Noguchi’s signature masterpiece without feeling like you purchased a replica.  

5. Stauber Acrylic Coffee Table

A modern style cocktail table is made from acrylic instead of glass. Decorative elements like a book and Jeff Koons dog are on top.

Ever considered a Noguchi replica coffee table made from clear acrylic? This twist on the original design is reminiscent of the Philippe Starck Ghost Chair and a very fun and whimsical update on the iconic design. 

Acrylic typically isn’t as durable as the originally designed walnut and glass tabletop, but this could be magical in the right space!

Final Thoughts

Whether you want to create the ideal mid-century living room or love this table’s modern lines, it’s hard to go wrong with this stylish design choice. Noguchi’s Triangle table perfectly balances art and function and encompasses his exceptional skills as a sculptural master. 

Eternity Modern’s reproduction is hands down the best Noguchi table replica on the market. The price is still relatively high, but so is the quality, and you can be sure that you are getting a table that will last a long time. 

Since the Eternity Modern version is quite expensive, you will have to decide whether or not it’s worth it to just splurge for the real thing. Since an authentic version will hold a better value, I recommend buying a real table, but I know that’s a hefty price jump.

If you want a good-looking modern table that doesn’t break the bank, it’s hard to go wrong with the Tome Triangle Coffe Table. It’s sturdy, has many color options, and is a fantastic price – what more could you want in a dupe?

I hope this post has helped you find your house’s perfect new coffee table! If you need a matching lounge chair, check out my guides for the Best Eames Chair Replica or the Best Womb Chair Replica!

As always, please feel free to reach out with any questions!