The Best Wishbone Chair Replica: Affordable Iconic Style (2024)

A rainbow of wishbone chairs are shown on a colorful gradient background.

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If you scan Pinterest for dining room inspiration, you will undoubtedly find multiple tables surrounded by the elegant Wishbone Chair. This icon of mid-century modern design has become a ubiquitous design choice, and with such sleek lines, it’s easy to see why.

Originally crafted by the renowned Danish designer Hans Wegner, these famous chairs have become timeless classics, celebrated for their refined style and ergonomic structure.

But you have come to the right place if you don’t have a couple of thousand dollars for new dining chairs!

Many companies produce beautiful, budget-friendly chairs inspired by the original Wishbone design, so you won’t have to sacrifice style. This guide will help you find the best Wishbone Chairs on the market – and a few negatives to watch out for, too.

So get ready to infuse your home with Scandinavian elegance – for a great price, of course!

What is the History Behind the Wishbone Chair?

Danish designer Hans Wegner first designed the CH24 Wishbone Chair in 1949 for Carl Hansen & Søn, and it was introduced in 1950. Since then, this has been a popular addition to homes worldwide, and the design has inspired many similar creations.

Traditional Chinese forms inspired Wegner, and Ming Dynasty-style chairs significantly influenced his creations. The Wishbone Chair was part of a series of designs that evolved and finessed over time.

The iconic design of wood Ming Dynasty side chair is on a white background. This design inspired the Wishbone Chair designed for Carl Hansen.
Wegner’s iconic sculptural silhouette is seen in this traditional Ming Dynasty-style chair – Image via 1stdibs

The sculptural Wishbone chair has a single piece of steam-bent solid wood that forms the backrest, and the distinctive Y-frame back is the center stage of the structure. An intricately hand-woven paper cord creates the seat.

The contrast between the wood’s natural color and the rope cording’s texture makes this chair very easy to fit in with many decor styles. It was an instant success and has been in continuous production since.

There’s no question that the highest-quality Wishbone Chair will always be an authentic original, and if you can afford the cost, I highly recommend it. This investment will last a lifetime, and the design will always stay in style.

But you’re not alone if you can’t justify the price tag.

A solid wood Wegner Wishbone dining chair is shown on a white background. The real chair is a classic design known for its sleek legs, great quality, and reliable comfort.
The original may be expensive, but it’s also the best investment – Image via 2modern

Thankfully, many affordable alternatives exist nowadays, so you don’t have to compromise on Danish furniture (inspired) dreams!

Wishbone Chairs are being used as dining chairs in a bright and airy dining room. Sunflowers are on the table and the view looks out to a marsh in Charleston, SC.

How to Choose the Best Wishbone Reproduction for Your Home

When selecting a Wishbone chair replica for your home, there are several factors to consider:

Chair Height and Dimensions

It’s very common to see this piece of furniture used as a dining chair, but one thing to consider is the height of the arms. The unique design places the arms at a height that does not always fit under dining tables. 

If you intend to use this piece in your dining space, check your under-table clearance to ensure the chair you buy fits underneath


I have used this classic chair in clients’ homes and my own home, and most people find Wishbone Chair very comfortable. Even when used as a dining chair, where you tend to sit for more extended periods, these chairs live up to their reputation as ergonomic and comfy chairs.

Hans Wegner created this chair with comfort in mind, but that being said, it’s a very minimal chair by today’s standards. Whether you plan to use this for dining or as a side chair, consider if this understated design is right for your home.

Ability to Keep the Chairs Clean

The hand-woven, paper cord seat is one of the definitive elements of this design. Even though this is a great quality material, the typical light color is tough to clean.

Consider this before selecting Wishbone Chairs as your dining chair. Many companies offer black paper cord for the seat, which would be much easier to care for.

Scotchgard is also a great option if you are really in love with the timeless design of the natural cord.

I’ve provided Wishbone Chair replicas in this guide that include other options for the seat in case this may be an issue you are worried about.

Materials and Durability

Most Wishbone Chair replicas will have a solid wood frame and a hand-woven paper cord seat.

Some companies have taken the original design from Hans Wegner as an inspiration and mixed up these materials.

This guide includes chairs that use plastic, upholstery, and even a metal frame. The best thing about buying a reproduction is finding a beautiful chair that takes the spirit of the original and adds a modern twist.

If a chair will better enhance your dining table and lifestyle with an upholstered seat, it doesn’t matter if that’s how the iconic chair initially looked. You do you!

Solid wood Wishbone Chairs are in multiple colors are being used as dining chairs around a table in a bright white, loft-like dining room. This classic chair is shown in red, beech wood, and olive.
The original Wishbone Chair is a timeless classic for a reason – Image via 2modern

What is the Best Wishbone Chair Replica of 2024?

​​Here are my top Wishbone Chair reproductions:
  1. Poly & Bark Weave Dining Chair – Best Overall
  2. Yaheetech Mid-Century Metal Chair – Best Value
  3. Juana Arm Dining Chair Best Color Options
  4. Eternity Modern Wishbone Chair
  5. Arhaus Robin Dining Chair
  6. Burkleigh Plastic Dining Chairs
  7. Rove Concepts Wishbone Chair
  8. Crescent Natural Wood Dining Chair
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1. Poly & Bark Weave Dining Chair – Best Overall

A beech wood Poly&Bark Wishbone Dining Chair is shown with a pink squiggle background. This is the best Wishbone Chair replica on the market and is offered in tons of colors.
So close to the original, iconic design.

This chair from Poly & Bark will be the perfect addition to your dining room table. The materials are incredibly high-quality, and the solid wood frame resembles the original Wegner Wishbone Chair.

I love the detail and thoughtfulness in the production of this piece, including the kiln-dried wood structure and the stunning hand-woven rope seat. The rope used on this seat is a beautiful natural color that will add warmth to any space. 

Poly & Bark did a great job respecting this timeless design, and the price is pretty amazing too. It has excellent reviews, will look fantastic in your dining room, and is hands down the best Wishbone Chair replica on the market!

2. Yaheetech Mid-Century Metal Chair – Best Value

Timeless design at a reasonable price.

If you love the look of this delicate chair but would prefer something more sturdy, then this metal replica Wishbone Chair from Amazon is ideal. It comes in various colors that still resemble the original wood tones, but the frame is made from super durable iron.

The seat is still made from paper twine, and to make these less susceptible to stains, I recommend Scotchgard.

These chairs are available in sets of two or four, and the price feels almost too good to be true. If you have a rowdy family but want to pretend otherwise, it’s hard to beat this fantastic, sturdy option! 

3. Juana Arm Dining Chair Best Color Options

The same beautiful chair, in lots of fun colors.

The Juana Arm Chair is a standout option because it is available in multiple fun color options

The one negative of this chair is the paper cord, which is a little yellow compared to the other options. If you aren’t bothered that the cord isn’t a more natural color, this chair is still an excellent option.

For a bold look, mix and match the colors of your Wishbone Chairs around your dining table. Add a pop of color to any room by using one of these pieces as an accent chair. 

4. Eternity Modern Wishbone Chair

Eternity Modern is producing a lovely reproduction that is very close to Wegner’s design. The arched backrest is made of a single piece of wood, showing it is high quality. It does not have the typical ergonomic noch in the back, but customers still find this chair extremely comfortable.

This option is one of the pricier versions, but much thought has been put into the details, including non-toxic finishes. 

5. Arhaus Robin Dining Chair

If the corded seat just seems too risky in your home, then Arhaus has made an upholstered version for you. Fabrics are offered in various contemporary patterns and colors, and you can order free swatches to ensure they fit your aesthetic perfectly. 

The overall structure is a little more bulky than the traditional chair, but it still has elegant lines, making it more sturdy for families. 

6. Burkleigh Plastic Dining Chairs

When even upholstery seems too demanding, then you know plastic can handle even the toughest messes. This chair comes in a variety of cheery colors and is a fun and durable update to this modern masterpiece.

The backrest has that characteristic curve we know and love, while the legs have been streamlined. This set of two is an excellent price and would make a lovely addition to a modern kitchen or playroom. 

7. Rove Concepts Wishbone Chair

This chair from Rove Concepts is a very nice choice and honorable to the 1950s design.

The price is different depending on whether you are a member of their program (which, at the time of writing this article, costs $200 a year.) If you are already a member, this could be a good purchase, but otherwise, other sellers have better options for this price. 

8. Crescent Natural Wood Dining Chair

I typically love the contemporary designs from Crate & Barrel, but their Crescent Chair is a miss. The proportions are very clunky, and the backrest is clearly made from three pieces of wood, which is a cost savings move.

For this price, you will get a much finer chair from Eternity Modern, or you can save money and buy the Poly & Bark version that will look even nicer. 

Final Thoughts

The Wishbone Chair still looks just as current today as it did in the 1950s. While an authentic piece from Carl Hansen & Søn may be a bucket list item for many, quality replicas offer an accessible avenue to own this iconic chair without compromising style.

Since chairs most often get a lot of wear, buying the best version of the chair you can afford will make your investment last the longest. Whether you opt for a reproduction or a modern twist on the original, a Wishbone chair will be a beloved addition to your home for many years.

So go ahead, explore the world of Scandinavian design, and embark on a journey to enhance your living space with a touch of mid-century elegance!

If you liked this article, check out my guides on Eames Chair replicas and Womb Chair replicas. And if you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out!


Wishbone chairs with a solid wood frame are being used as dining chairs and placed around an industrial table with metal legs. The dining room has an industrial black chandelier are overhead, abstract art on the wall, and a large dramatic plant in the corner.
Wishbone dining chairs are placed around a rustic industrial dining room table in a modern and bright space.

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