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Arched cabinets are having a moment in interior design, and it’s easy to see why. This type of cabinet has a beautiful, sculptural shape that creates a focal point in any room.

Even though I prefer not to follow what’s popular, I couldn’t be happier about the arched cabinet trend.

Our home in Charleston, SC, was built in 1930 and has many Art Deco lines, including beautiful arches in many of the rooms. I’m updating our dining room and on the hunt for the perfect arched cabinet to compliment the architecture of our home.

Join me on my search and help me find the best arched storage cabinet for our space. Who knows, you may find something as well!

A Quick Peek At My Dining Space

Plus, why I’m looking at arched cabinets?

My dining space is in the core of my house, so it acts less as a formal dining room and more as the central focus of our home. It’s not a huge room, but there is ample space on one wall where this arched cabinet will look fantastic.

It’s really the perfect space.

This rendering shows where I would like to place the arched cabinet in my current furniture and location. I plan on adding wallpaper and painting the trim a fun color.

The 3 Reasons Why I Want an Arched Storage Cabinet

1. Timeless Style

Two doorways to our dining room are arches, so I think a cabinet with a similar silhouette will look beautiful. Arched cabinets may be popular right now, but this design style has a timeless elegance.

2. Hidden Storage

One of the best things about a china cabinet is they offer storage space, which we are really lacking right now. I would love spacious shelves to store the barware, table settings, and other dining room objects I’ve collected.

Shelves are great, but I’m also looking for pull out storage drawers since they are much easier to keep organized.

3. Display Space

Many arched cabinets have glass doors for at least a portion of the display. I would love to show off some of my glassware and china, so this would be a fantastic design feature.

A beautiful cabinet is made from natural wood and has rattan doors. The living room is cheerful with pink walls and colorful decor items.
Image via Target

What is the Best Arched Cabinet of 2024?

​​Here are my top options for arched cabinets:

  1. Fern Storage Cabinet – My Favorite!
  2. Threshold Woven Arched Wood Cabinet – Best Value!
  3. Atmore Cabinet
  4. Mason Storage Cabinet
  5. Amira Vintage Arch Display Cabinet
  6. Ventana Black Glass Display Storage Cabinet
  7. Hattie Glass Cabinet
  8. Wescosville Dining Cabinet
  9. Bewdley Iron Accent Cabinet
  10. Craft Avni Carved Wood Storage Cabinet
  11. Adnaan Dining Cabinet
  12. Afjol Solid Wood Accent Cabinet
  13. Pottery Barn Scout Cabinet
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1. Fern Storage Cabinet – My Favorite!

The Fern Storage Cabinet in red is made from solid oak wood and has two adjustable shelves. The carrara marble topped drawers make this gorgeous cabinet incredibly functional.

I’ve been eyeing the Fern Storage Cabinet from Anthropologie for some time, and it is the perfect arched cabinet for my dining room. This distinctive design has ample hidden storage, refined details, adjustable shelves, and glass doors to show off my home decor collections.

I love that it’s available in many fun colors, which is hard to find in any china cabinet style. The overall shape is modern, while the flared feet make this piece feel extra special.

The price is high, but it’s justifiable for such a stunning cabinet with refined details. Customers rave about this piece, and it is easy to see why so many people think it’s one of the best arched cabinets on the market.

Is this my best choice?

2. Threshold Woven Arched Wood Cabinet Best Value!

Rattan arched storage is modern and sleek.

This arched cabinet from Threshold has a fresh and modern design, and it sure to hide away clutter in style. The open top still allows space for displaying objects, while the cane detailing on the doors obscures the shelves.

The dimensions are smaller than the Fern Storage Cabinet, and it doesn’t have glass, but the price is substantially lower.

Since the doors are rattan instead of glass, this china cabinet is much lighter than the other options on this list. This design is one of the best arched cabinets for apartment living, or if you plan on carrying this furniture upstairs.

3. Atmore Cabinet

This solid wood cabinet has an arched silhouette is striking in a contemporary black finish with a black iron frame. The lower solid doors provide excellent secret storage space.

I love the bold lines of the Atmore Cabinet. This large, modern cabinet is made of mango wood and features a striking black iron frame.

With four shelves, this arched cabinet will meet your storage needs, but it has fixed shelves, so there is little flexibility. The shipping on this cabinet is high, but that’s to be expected when purchasing a unique piece, especially when it’s this huge.

4. Mason Storage Cabinet

The Mason storage cabinet from Urban Outfitters has tons of storage space behind natural wood rattan doors.

The Mason Cabinet from Urban Outfitters is a fantastic option if you prefer to hide away all of your belongings. The caned material visually obscures the interior, but they aren’t completely solid doors.

The setup with the two drawers below and the three adjustable shelves above is similar to the Fern Cabinet from Anthro, but the price is significantly lower. The Mason storage cabinet would work great in a bedroom, kitchen, or dining room.

5. Amira Vintage Arch Display Cabinet

A delicate arch cabinet has white oak veneer and three fixed shelves. The glass doors are perfect for displaying decor items, and the detailing give this gorgeous piece a touch of elegance.

Most arched cabinets are expensive, but the Amira Arched Cabinet is a great price point. It has a similar styling to other cabinets, so you aren’t missing out on glass cabinet doors and hidden storage.

This arched cabinet would look great in any room and is a nice size, even though it’s affordable. This option is one of the best china cabinets that’s both budget friendly and has tempered glass doors.

6. Ventana Black Glass Display Storage Cabinet

A matte black cabinet from Crate and Barrel, which is also offered in other size options.

Crate and Barrel always does a great job of merging antique charm with contemporary design, and their line of Ventana arched cabinets is a perfect example. This beautiful cabinet has a zinc-colored iron frame that makes it feel like a vintage curio cabinet.

The glass doors make these arched cabinets ideal for display cabinets, but they don’t offer any hidden storage. This matte black style will complement a wide range of home decor, from contemporary to rustic farmhouse.

This design is offered in other size options, such as a storage cabinet, a bar cabinet, or a wide version.

7. Hattie Glass Cabinet

This arched top display cabinet has closed storage space below and double glass doors above. The dark wood finish is moody and contemporary.

The Hattie arched cabinet is crafted from solid oak wood and features stunning reeded hardware. This piece looks more like a family heirloom than something you would buy new, and it will be a statement piece in any room.

Available in two wood tones, this is a substantial piece of furniture. Arhaus makes gorgeous pieces, but their pricing can be extremely high. Fortunately, they also have great sales, so it’s worth it if you can be patient.

8. Wescosville Dining Cabinet

Prefer a rustic farmhouse vibe? Check out this elegant and dainty curio cabinet from Wayfair.

With four shelves, you will have plenty of space to show off your family heirlooms, and the detailing on the doors makes this arched cabinet even more beautiful.

9. Bewdley Iron Accent Cabinet

An iron frame cabinet has an arched silhouette. The two glass doors are made from tempered glass panes and protect the four interior shelves.

The Bewdley Accent Cabinet from Wayfair is a fantastic industrial-styled iron curio cabinet. It’s incredibly spacious with five shelves, and the matte metal finish feels elevated.

The open shelves are best for dining and living rooms, but ensure you are prepared to keep your display styled. The metal frame is also available in cream, but the detailing in this color does not look as elegant as the matte black.

10. Craft Avni Carved Wood Storage Cabinet

This unique cabinet is artisan crafted with an arched top wood cabinet and detailed carvings on the doors, making it feel like a handmade piece.

If you want a real statement piece, look no further than this floral beauty from World Market. The hand-carved mango wood doors on this arched cabinet look like they are straight out of Bali, and you will get tons of compliments on this eye-catching curio cabinet.

11. Adnaan Dining Cabinet

This beautiful arched cabinet is decorated with a scalloped detailing on the front and has three interior shelves. The metal frame paired with the wood doors makes this look like the perfect farmhouse cabinet.

The scalloped detailing on the doors of this arched cabinet is incredibly unique and whimsical. This arch cabinet would make a great focal point in a dining room, and I love the bold black paint paired with the warm wood tone of the doors and frame.

12. Afjol Solid Wood Accent Cabinet

A green engineered wood arch cabinet with two drawers and tons of space for home decor items.

The Afjol arched cabinet has a lot going on. I love that it comes in multiple colors, but all the different textures are a bit much for one piece.

The drawers have rattan detailing, the door is reeded glass, it’s colorful with brass hardware, and there are lots of arches. Is it too much? For me, I think yes.

13. Pottery Barn Scout Cabinet

This beautiful cabinet from Pottery Barn has a rounded top, four shelves, and two glass doors. The solid oak structure has rich wood tones and a minimalist aesthetic.

The Scout Cabinet from Pottery Barn is stunning, timeless, and sleek. This cabinet has two fixed and two adjustable shelves, and the double glass doors are incredibly chic.

But it’s also very expensive.

I prefer a bottom drawer for this price point instead of all open shelving. I love the modern legs and the antique brass hardware, but if I’m spending this much, I’d instead save a little more and spend my money on a design icon.

Final Thoughts

Arched cabinets are an interior design favorite because they are versatile and have a classic silhouette. Display cabinets are often expensive, but they can easily move them throughout your home over the years.

And what’s more fun than having a curio cabinet to show off your home decor?

Right now, I’m leaning toward the Fern storage cabinet for my home, but I prefer the size of the Atmore. I think either would look great in my space, but either sage green or red in the Fern would make my dark dining room feel more lively.

A rendering of my home.
The Fern Cabinet in my dining room.
The Atmore Cabinet in my dining room.

The Fern is on backorder in Sage, so I have time to decide. We must also fix a leak, paint the room, and add wallpaper, so I have a lot of work ahead of me.

Do you have one of these arch cabinets? Did I miss any of the best arched cabinets?

Please let me know!


The Fern Storage Cabinet is displayed in a living room niche surrounded by bold red floral wallpaper.
Image via Anthropologie