The Most Amazing Bubble Chandelier Finds of the Year

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If you are searching for a chandelier with a serious personality, a bubble chandelier might be the perfect option for your home. This type of pendant light has a way of commanding attention in any room.

Hang one of these beauties and watch how the light will reflect wonderfully around your space. Bubble chandeliers are contemporary yet playful, and the overall look is chic yet unfussy.

A bubble chandelier is the ideal light fixture to integrate modern and traditional features because the organic shape looks like it could belong anywhere. The glass orbs will reflect so much light around your room, so they work just as well in a bright space as in a dark and moody location.

I’ve scoured the internet and found the most beautiful bubble chandeliers available for your home, no matter your budget.

It might still be hard to pick because they are all so beautiful – but let’s try!

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What is a Bubble Chandelier?

A bubble chandelier is a light fixture that uses multiple glass spheres hung together to make them appear like floating bubbles. The bubble glass globes create a playful look that will make any room feel brighter and happier.

Where Are The Ideal Locations For Bubble Chandeliers?

My favorite places to use bubble chandeliers are over a dining table, luxurious bathtub, fabulous playroom, or contemporary living room.

What If You Have A Low Ceiling?

If your ceilings aren’t high enough to hang a pendant light, don’t worry, you can find bubble lights as a semi-flush mount light fixture.

Consider How Much Light You Need

Some chandeliers look huge, but only some glass orbs may be lit. Check how many bulbs the light has and ensure it will provide enough light for your room.

Bubble lights with only one bulb are ideal for accent light. This style pendant light can be used as accent lighting and paired with other fixtures to provide the proper lighting.

Stunning orbs from The Light Factory – Image via

What is the Best Bubble Chandelier of 2023?

​​Here are my favorite bubble chandeliers for every room:
  1. Light Factory Bubble Chandelier – Best Overall Find
  2. Corrigan Bubble Chandelier – Best Budget Option
  3. Talia Large Chandelier
  4. Clear Bubbles Chandelier
  5. Metairie 10
  6. Colorful Balloon Chandelier
  7. Mitzi Ashleigh 10-Light LED Chandelier
  8. Globo Five-Light Chandelier
  9. Birchmont Hand-Blown Glass Chandelier

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1. Light Factory Bubble Chandelier – Best Overall Find

whimsical bubble chandelier by The Light Factory
The Light Factory is making some of the best bubble chandeliers on the market – Image via

Wow, this bubble chandelier is stunning. It feels almost impossibly lightweight, and the organic shape reflects light in such a beautiful way.

No matter the setting, this bubble chandelier will stand out as a piece of artwork. Each pendant light is handmade, which is evident in the fine attention to detail.

These bubble lights are ideal for accent lighting because they have only one bulb.

The seller also offers colorful bubble chandeliers if you want something more dramatic. The Smoke version is chic, the Rainbow would be adorable in a child’s room, the Sunset is dreamy, and the Chrome is too cool.

2. Corrigan Studio Bubble Chandelier – Best Budget Option

This contemporary bubble chandelier will be the star of any room – Image via

This bubble chandelier from Corrigan Studio is the perfect size for a formal dining room or living room, and the sophisticated lines will elevate any home decor. The brass finish paired with the white or black frame is a classic yet contemporary style that will look great with most design directions.

This is the best affordable bubble chandelier considering its generous size and elegant detailing – and no one will believe the price tag on this light fixture!

3. Talia Chandelier

Every detail on this bubble chandelier is magical, including the swirled orbs – Image via

The Talia Chandelier brings the idea of a bubble chandelier to the next level. The glass bubbles in this light fixture have a unique swirled texture making this ceiling light feel extra special and delicate.

The price tag isn’t cheap, but one of these bubble chandeliers will easily transform a simple room. This exquisite lighting fixture will shine over a formal dining table, a living room, or any other residential space.

4. Clear Bubbles Chandelier

Pair this beautiful bubble chandelier with a ceiling medallion for stunning results – Image via

This bubble chandelier from Lumens makes a splash! It’s overflowing with stunning handblown glass globes, accentuating the light bouncing around your room.

Use these bubble lights are ideal for accent lighting because they have only one bulb.

This light fixture is also available in a linear version or with fun aqua bubbles.

5. Metairie 10

This modern bubble chandelier is ideal as a pendant light over a kitchen island – Image via

This horizontally oriented bubble chandelier from Wayfair is the perfect proportion to hang over your kitchen island or formal dining table. With multiple hardware finish options, you are sure to be able to find an option to match your decor.

6. Colorful Balloon Chandelier 

Don’t be fooled by this chandelier’s budget price – this light fixture will look like a work of art in your space, adding a flair to your decor. The light it emits filters softly through the lampshade, creating a warm and inviting atmosphere in any room. Simply delightful!

7. Mitzi Ashleigh LED Chandelier

The Mitzi Ashleigh is a traditional styling of the bubble chandelier – Image via

The symmetrical shape of the Mitzi Ashleigh LED Chandelier is timeless but still feels like a bubble chandelier, making it a great way to get close to a trend but not jump in all the way.

The exterior of each globe is clear, so they appear shiny, and the interior is etched, so it appears frosted. These subtle details will give your space an added touch of elegance.

8. Jonathan Adler Globo Chandelier

Colorful bubble light from Jonathan Adler – Image via

When it comes to bubble chandeliers, who said they should be plain? Jonathan Adler is well known for his quirky and slightly retro home decor, and this chandelier perfectly represents his style.

I love all the hues in the multicolor light fixture, and the clear globe version is just as cute.

9. Birchmont Hand-Blown Glass Chandelier

Rustic pendant light is a different take on the bubble chandelier – Image via

I love how this light fixture from Pottery Barn feels a little like a bubble chandelier, a little rustic, and a little modern all at the same time. The quirky shape has an organic vibe, and the handblown glass bubbles make this chandelier feel extra special.

Final Thoughts

Bubble chandeliers are a fun and whimsical way to dress up a room, and these fixtures complement so many spaces and design styles.

I especially love pairing the ethereal style of the bubble chandelier with more traditional architectural features to enhance the look. Mix this look with the minimalist lines of mid-century design features, and the organic bubbles feel even more playful. You could pair this look with an ornate ceiling medallion for extra contrast.

My favorite bubble chandelier has to be the Light Factory version because of its simple elegance. This ceiling light will make anywhere, from residential spaces to commercial locations, shine beautifully. 

Would you add a bubble chandelier to your home?

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This bubble chandelier from Jonathan Adler shines in this living space and kitchen – Image via

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