9 Summer Bedroom Ideas For The Ideal Summer Glow

Summer bedroom furniture ideas on a beach backdrop.

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As the warm days of summer approach, our interiors can play a crucial role in making us feel our best. Your bedroom deserves special attention during this seasonal shift because it’s one of the most cozy places to hide away during those often brutally hot afternoons.

A few thoughtful changes can transform your sleeping area into a cool, refreshing oasis that energizes you for sunny days and provides comfort during balmy nights. This article will explore easy and effective ways to revitalize your bedroom for the summer season, covering everything from color palettes and bedding to decor and cooling solutions.

So get ready to remember why life is better in the summer!

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The 9 Best Summer Bedroom Ideas

1. Color Palette Changes: A Fresh Coat of Summer

Image via kitkemp.com

Updating your color scheme is one of the quickest ways to breathe new life into your summer bedroom. Lighter, soothing colors can make a room feel more open and airy, perfect for those hot summer days.

Consider incorporating soft blues reminiscent of clear skies, gentle greens that evoke lush foliage, or crisp whites that reflect light and heat. These colors not only create a sense of spaciousness but can also have a cooling psychological effect.

Use past vacations and your favorite summer memories for inspiration to add some summer flair. Coral tones can bring to mind beautiful sunsets, while sunny yellows can brighten your mood. Turquoise accents might remind you of tropical waters.

Select a color palette that reflects your individuality and makes you feel energized yet relaxed. But always choose colors that give you inspiration because confidence is always the best accessory (and don’t worry about following trends!)

Some Of My Favorite Summer Hues:

Paradise Peach, BM-011

Peel + Stick Wallpaper

Peach Jam, BM-130

Serenity, BM-2055-60

Dalia, BM-319

Palladian Blue, BM-HC-144

Incorporating new colors and creating a beautiful summer bedroom doesn’t have to mean repainting your entire room. Small changes can make a significant impact. Try swapping out throw pillows, adding a colorful area rug, or hanging new curtains.

Changing lampshades or adding vibrant wall art can instantly refresh your summer bedroom.

Adding little pops of personality with paint can go a long way. Paint the edge of your door frame with a cheery hue, or add some life to an old picture frame with a fresh coat of paint.

These small changes can make a huge difference and give you an entirely new outlook on your summer bedroom.

2. Bedding Updates: Cool Comfort for Hot Nights

Your bed is the centerpiece of the room, and updating your bedding can dramatically change the feel of your beautiful room. For a summer bedroom, ditch the flannel sheets and opt for lightweight fabrics that promote airflow and help regulate temperature.

While sometimes pricier, linen is my go-to for summer bedding. It is excellent for hot, sticky nights as it wicks away moisture and gets softer with each wash. There is almost nothing better than the airy feel of crawling into fresh linen sheets!

For my ideal summer bed, I prefer all white linen sheets and bed pillows paired with my favorite black iron bed frame. Vibrant colors and fun patterns can also create a gorgeous bedroom with a playful, summery feel.

I know Brooklinen sheets are advertised everywhere, but they really are my absolute favorite. I’ve been buying them for years, and the washed linen sheets are the best that I’ve found. – Image via Brooklinen.

Duvet covers, quilts, summery pillows, or coverlets are excellent ways to add fun summer-themed patterns or prints. Botanical designs, like palm or floral prints, can bring a touch of nature indoors, while coastal motifs like stripes or seashells can create a beachy vibe.

Don’t be afraid to play with patterns—mix floral prints with stripes and checks with graphic prints. Just keep them in the same color family for a cohesive look.

Layering your bedding is key for temperature control during this new season. Replace heavy winter comforters with lighter quilts or coverlets. Keep a thin blanket or sheet handy for cooler nights.

Decorative throw pillows can add style and function, providing an extra layer if needed while contributing to the overall summer aesthetic.

Image via The Post House Inn in Charleston, SC

3. Window Treatments: Managing Light and Heat

Windows play a crucial role in your summer bedroom’s comfort during summer.

Light, breezy curtains can add a soft, ethereal quality to the room while still allowing air circulation. Choose colors that complement your new summer palette and fabrics that move gently with any breeze.

(If you plan on opening your windows this summer, double-check your screens to ensure you aren’t letting any pests in!)

For more effective temperature control, consider installing solar shades or blackout curtains.

These can significantly reduce heat gain through windows, keeping your room cooler during the day. They also provide darkness for better sleep, which is especially useful for those longer summer evenings (and the occasional nap!)

Natural materials like bamboo or jute can be excellent choices for window treatments.

They add interesting texture to your summer bedroom while feeling organic and summery. These materials are often eco-friendly, adding a sustainable touch to your decor.

4. Declutter For a Fresh Start: Creating Space and Serenity

Summer is the perfect time to declutter and reorganize your bedroom. Removing unwanted items can make your summer bedroom seem larger and more inviting, and it’s a great way to feel more organized and in control of your home.

Summer is the perfect time to declutter and reorganize your bedroom. Removing unwanted items can make your room seem larger and more inviting.

Start by assessing your belongings. What can be stored away, donated, or discarded?

Look into clever storage solutions for winter items you won’t need for summer months.

Under-bed storage containers can house bulky sweaters, heavy winter blankets, and winter bedding, while vacuum-sealed bags can compress puffy coats and duvets. Use closet organizers to store winter clothes and accessories efficiently during the warmer months.

Embrace a minimalist approach for summer. A clutter-free summer bedroom will give you a greater sense of calm and well-being on those hot summer days. Choose key decorative pieces that make a statement without overcrowding the room.

You can even consider rearranging furniture to maximize space and improve airflow.

This pared-down style can help your beautiful bedroom feel more spacious and restful.

5. Bringing the Outdoors In: A Touch of Nature

Incorporating elements of nature into your bedroom can create a refreshing summer atmosphere.

Indoor plants add visual interest, improve air quality, and boost your mood. Choose low-maintenance options ideal for bedrooms, such as snake plants, pothos, or peace lilies. Get creative with your plants with hanging planters, terrariums, or a DIY propagation station.

Introduce natural materials and textures to further connect your summer bedroom with the outdoors. Woven baskets work great as both storage and decor, while wooden elements or stone accessories can add an organic touch.

Natural elements help to create a serene, grounded feel in your bedroom, and the different textures give visual interest. I love using simple marble trays to make the odds and ends around my bedroom look more cohesive.

Nature-inspired artwork or accessories can complete the look. Consider botanical prints, landscape photography, or even a collection of seashells or driftwood as decorative elements.

Collect objects on your summer travels or daily walks and incorporate them into your space. You can even create your own DIY plaster artwork to add some boho texture!

6. Lighting: Setting the Summer Mood

Proper lighting directly impacts the ambiance of your bedroom. During summer, maximize natural light by arranging furniture to optimize sunlight exposure. Use mirrors strategically to reflect and amplify natural light, making your summer bedroom feel brighter and more open.

For artificial lighting, opt for softer, warmer options that create a relaxing atmosphere.

Consider installing dimmer switches or smart bulbs that allow you to adjust the light temperature and intensity. We have been using Kasa smart bulbs, a game-changer. This little luxury is surprisingly inexpensive and is beyond convenient for setting the perfect mood at any time of day.

To enhance the summer feel, look for lighting fixtures inspired by outdoor elements. Rattan or woven lampshades can add texture and a natural feel.

String lights can create a whimsical, starry-night effect, while lantern-style fixtures might evoke memories of beach evenings.

7. Cooling Solutions: Beating the Heat

During summer nights, keeping cool is always a top priority (and sometimes the hardest challenge). Strategically placed fans can significantly improve air circulation and help you to sleep better.

Ceiling fans are excellent for overall room cooling, while tower or portable fans offer more targeted airflow. Experiment with fan placement to find what works best for your summer bedroom.

For a more personalized cooling experience, consider investing in cooling pillows or mattress toppers. These products, often made with gel-infused memory foam or other temperature-regulating materials, can help keep you comfortable throughout the night.

If you’re looking for more high-tech solutions, there are several gadgets designed to keep your bedroom cool. Smart thermostats can efficiently manage your room’s temperature, while portable air conditioners or evaporative coolers provide localized cooling.

For the ultimate in personalized comfort, some companies even offer bed cooling systems that regulate the temperature of your mattress. My brother swears by the ChiliPad, although we have yet to make the plunge.

8. Scent and Atmosphere: The Finishing Touch

The right summer scents can transport you to a vacation paradise. Explore fragrances that evoke the season – citrus for energy, floral scents for a garden-like atmosphere, or fresh, clean scents for a crisp feel.

Essential oils with a diffuser can provide both fragrance and potential aromatherapy benefits. Try eucalyptus for a cooling sensation or lavender for relaxation.

For a more subtle approach, consider natural air fresheners. A small vase of fresh herbs or flowers can provide a gentle, natural fragrance.

I love adding basil or mint springs to my bedside flower arrangements. They will keep your room smelling fresh, and the added greenery is cheery.

My favorite summer candles:

I love most things grapefruit and Jonathan Adler, and this candle doesn’t disappoint. The fresh yellow is so fun, and it fills my whole bedroom with summer vibes.

This black pepper and redwood scent from Melto is so refreshing and relaxing—and it feels way more luxurious than its price tag suggests.

9. Quick and Easy Decor Updates

Sometimes, all you need are tiny changes to make a huge impact.

Swap out your usual wall art for summer-themed images, or create a gallery wall with photos from your favorite past warm-weather vacations. Incorporate summery decorative objects like a bowl of seashells, a piece of driftwood, or colorful vases filled with fresh flowers.

For a personal touch, consider simple DIY projects. Press flowers from your garden to create unique art, paint terra cotta pots for your new plants, or upcycle old items to give them a fresh, summery look.

These projects allow you to customize your perfect summer bedroom while keeping costs down.

Cute and Easy Decor Additions:

This dainty pearl lamp is just too cute. If pink is too sweet for your taste, it also comes in white. Pair this next to your jewelry collection for all the vibes.

Garland doesn’t only need to be for the holidays. Add this colorful citrus garland to your summer bedroom, and it’s sure to bring some cheer.

If you need to corral your odds and ends, why not use a crocheted shell in your beautiful summer bedroom? This adorable accessory is super functional and will add so much whimsy to your room.

Final Thoughts

Refreshing your bedroom for summer is easy and fun, and it can always make you feel like you’re on vacation. By implementing some or all of these ideas, you can create a relaxed, inviting summer bedroom that energizes you for the season ahead.

Remember, personalizing your bedroom to suit your needs and style is the goal. Use some or all of these pretty summer bedroom ideas to create a summer sanctuary that’s perfect for you.

With just a few small changes, you can transform your bedroom into a refreshing retreat that you’ll enjoy all summer long. Please let me know if you have any great tips I missed!


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