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As a designer with over sixteen years of professional experience, my journey has taught me one invaluable lesson: authenticity always favors trends.

In a world inundated with ever-shifting design fads, there is nothing better than finding your path. Discover how embracing individuality over following every new trend will lead to a more comfortable and inspired home.

Let’s explore why the path less traveled leads to the most extraordinary design and why I don’t follow trends.

And you shouldn’t either!

The 5 Reasons Not to Follow Trends:

1. I Don’t Want To Live In a Fashion Magazine

Magazines and social media have beautiful images, but the point of most of these photos is to sell you things by deeming them socially acceptable.

Constantly following trends creates a carbon-copied world where you look like everyone else. Not only does this build constant pressure to keep up with the latest fashion trends, but it’s impossible.

Avoid peer pressure and feel like your home must look Instagram-perfect, but instead, focus on finding your fashion identity.

When you come home, you should be surrounded by the items that make you feel confident and that you love the most, not what is trendy. Your personal space should be your haven to unwind and express yourself fully.

So many influencers today live in perfectly curated homes to highlight their personal brand. Their outfits, pets, and product collections are all in the same style, accented by specific Pantone colors.

This lifestyle is all meant to feel aspirational, but it’s really just a collection of stuff to sell you things. This style is not real life.

I don’t want to live in a polished space curated by someone else’s ideas that was essentially a commercial. I want my home to tell my family’s story with our found objects, travels, personality, and history.

Make your home just that – yours.

2. You Risk Losing Your Own Style

You will be more comfortable in your space if you find your own style, but the longer you follow trends, the harder that will become.

Articles about how to style your home for fall, what is in fashion for 2027, and what to ditch in the new year are never ending. This hampster wheel of socially acceptable trends is non-stop and impossible to keep up with, even if you want to.

If you always try to keep up with the latest trends, you will eventually forget how to develop your own path towards design.

Looking to trends for inspiration is fine, but don’t feel you need to incorporate every idea into your home. Don’t let another person’s idea of taste dictate what belongs in your home.

3. Trends Don’t Necessarily Represent Good Design

Just like low-rise jeans of the early 2000s or avocado-colored appliances, just because something is a new trend doesn’t mean it’s a great design.

It’s more important to follow design rules of comfort than trends – like choosing the correct size rug for your living room – all rules can be occasionally broken. These design rules help to build a functional space and are less about aesthetics.

But I’m also not here to yuck your yum – I know low-rise denim is back!

Do what you love, and own it with confidence. There is a way to style a fabulous, modern kitchen with avocado appliances. Don’t let society hold you back!

4. Following Trends is Expensive

New materials are called trendy every year, and something super on trend from last year is out. Should you throw out all your furniture and renovate your kitchen every year to be on trend?

In both fashion and design, style choices are constantly being recycled. What is deemed to be in will be out next year, only to be in again the next.

Don’t fall into this expensive trap!

It’s easy to waste money trying to keep up with the latest trends while always feeling like you are falling short. Your home is a big investment – but remember – this is your money and your space.

Instead, pick what you love and invest in the best version of what you can afford. Renovating your kitchen or changing your furniture style is way more expensive than updating the cut of your jeans.

Investing in quality over quantity will make your home and style better, no matter your budget.

Heritage quality furniture is meant to be passed down for generations and will outlive fleeting fashion trends. Items like an Eames lounge chair can last generations – that’s why it’s so expensive to begin with.

Being thoughtful in your decision making will reduce how much you spend and help you focus on your true sense of style. If you focus on slowly adding new items with the best possible quality to your home over time, your space will be trend-proof.

But you don’t need to invest in an Eames chair to have a great home. Just ensure the items you invest in are things you will want to be around for many years.

And don’t let anyone make you feel bad if they don’t think your taste is cool – this is your home!

5. It’s Wasteful

Following trends can be financially wasteful but also terrible for the environment. The constant cycle of changing trends encourages a throwaway culture, where functional items are discarded just because they’re no longer fashionable.

When you change your furniture style or rip out that kitchen for a decor change, it most likely ends up in a landfill.

Instead of focusing on the latest styles, consider what fits your lifestyle and home’s architectural elements. This idea is more sustainable, and you’ll also have the advantage of a nicer space!

Final Thoughts

Overall, have fun with your style! Don’t let current trends dictate what your house looks like, and find your inspiration to create a home that suits your family’s needs.

Don’t worry about what the majority of people are doing, and design a home that functions the best for your lifestyle. It’s OK if your design decisions aren’t for everyone – again, this is your home.

So, instead of focusing on what’s on trend, focus on your preferred style and taste. Let your personality shine, and don’t be afraid of standing out in the crowd.

There’s beauty all around us, and be proud of your style choices!

Trends are over!