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The 75 Best Wall Decor Ideas of 2024

Wall Decor for any budget. Image via Pexels.

Last Updated on January 2, 2024 by Beth Martin

75 Best Wall Decor Ideas for Any Space

Whether you are moving into a new space or you want to refresh a room you’ve been living in for years, unique wall decor ideas can make your home shine.

If you want to learn innovative ways to fill your walls and make your home look like it was designed by a professional, keep reading. These decorating ideas are easy to achieve and will add a personal touch to your home.

It can be daunting to have blank walls staring back at you, or sometimes you are just looking for a way to fill an awkward space. Using these creative decor ideas, you can feel proud of a design that fits your unique personality.

Why should you trust my wall decor ideas?

My entire career has been spent designing eye catching spaces and displays for homes and retail shops. I have constantly thought of new ideas to stand out, and I want to help you use some of the tips and tricks I’ve learned in your own home.

Let’s jump in and get creative.

What are the Best Wall Decor Ideas?

1. Vintage Posters

Whether it’s truly vintage or just vintage style, one of these posters can add interest to any room. Pick your favorite topic – travel, music, movies, cars – and you will find the perfect image to set the stage for your design.

2. Macrame Tapestry

Handmade macrame wall hangings have been popular for some time but show no signs of going anywhere. Whether you love classic neutrals or bold colors, modern or bohemian, you can find the right piece for your space. A textile wall hanging is a great way to add visual interest and texture to a blank wall.

3. Floating Shelves

Floating shelves are attractive but also incredibly functional, making them the perfect solution for many places. Display your favorite objects and add storage space simultaneously – it’s a win-win!

I highly recommend a gallery wall if you want endless opportunities for texture and form. You can continuously add to it over time, and it’s easy to tweak the look with new prints and objects. Don’t just add picture frames – try to add wall sconces, a wall hanging, and sculptures. Leave some negative space as well to create a cohesive composition.

5. Triptych

A triptych, which means three art pieces hung side by side, is a great solution to fill a large blank wall. They are often cheaper than a single extra-large piece of art, and they can make a striking statement. Try this in your dining room or over your sofa for maximum impact.

6. Wallpaper

Subtle or eyecatching, wallpaper is everywhere and here to stay. The possibilities are endless and can set the stage for an entire design. You can fill the entire room or go subtle with an accent wall.

7. Neon Signs

Go extra bright with neon! Vintage neon is the ultimate cool, but a modern LED neon sign is an excellent affordable option. You can find tons of pre-made shapes or opt for custom, and they will complement any room with a modern design.

8. Windows

An antique window from an architectural salvage shop is a great way to add interest to a blank space. These items can be a show-stopper on empty walls, whether a little rustic, antique stained glass, or an intricate handmade design.

9. Mirrors

Mirrors are classic wall accents because they are the perfect combo of function and beauty. A mirror can make your room look bigger by reflecting light and creating a visual depth. Make your home gym more aesthetically pleasing by adding a wall of mirrors, and you might even find yourself more motivated for your daily workout!

10. Wall-hung Planters

Greenery adds instant warmth to any room, and wall-hung plants add visual interest. If you feel your thumb is blacker than green, you can opt for faux or dried foliage. This type of wall hanging is easy to change seasonally.

Black and white photos are always a great wall decor idea.
Image via Pixelbay.

11. Black and White Family Photos

If you want a cohesive and chic look but want to show off your family photographs, try using all black and white photos. This will instantly elevate any photography, and you can easily incorporate your great-grandparents. Use these as part of a gallery wall or on their own.

12. Printed Canvas Art

These days there are so many great sites where you can print art online, but if you choose to print on stretched canvas, you can skip the frame. The stretcher bars are usually between .75″ to 1.5″ deep, making your print stand out just that much more.

13. Hand-painted Mural

If you want something extra personal, go for a hand-painted mural. A color-blocked arch, an abstract design, and shapes are great ways to add a focal point to your bare walls. You are only limited by your imagination, well, and maybe your painting skills. Hiring a local artist is a great option too!

14. Clocks

Of course, clocks are functional, but they also are a fantastic decor idea. Show off your personality with something classic, ultra-modern, or quirky. Nowadays, you don’t have to limit yourself to digital or analog – there’s a whole world of unique options.

15. Baskets

Once you get started collecting baskets, you might have trouble stopping. Many online shops have fabulous options, but this is also a great item to pick up on your travels. They can be hung solo or in a cluster.

16. Vintage Sports Equipment

Old sports equipment cluttering your attic? Or maybe you are a memorabilia collector? Hang it as art! This adds fantastic texture and is sure to be a conversation starter. Skiis, surfboards, tennis racquets, basketballs, jerseys – the possibilities are endless!

17. Accent Trim

Trim is like jewelry on a wall; you can create endless options by visiting your local hardware store. Whether you prefer to DIY or hire a pro, you can easily elevate a room with some imagination. This will look extra sophisticated on dining room or living room walls.

18. Rugs

Look no further than hanging a rug if you want a cozy wall decor idea. Family heirlooms work great, or you can go with a bold, modern pattern to give this a contemporary look.

19. Drawings

Simple line art may look that special, but pop it in a frame and watch that blank wall come to life. Even simple black and white drawings can look incredibly chic in a nice frame.

20. Letterpress Drawer

A printer’s drawer is one of my favorite places to display all the little trinkets I collect, and you can easily change the contents over time. Transform a small space with your shells, micro machines, childhood rock collection, or any objects that would otherwise get lost.

21. Maps

Maps can fit into any aesthetic, whether you prefer chic neutrals or super-mod colors. Use framed maps to tell a story of where you have been or where you hope to go.

22. Quilts

Don’t have enough beds to show off all those quilts from Great Aunt Suzie? Why don’t you display them? They can be hung in a few ways, which is a great way to cover a lot of wall space with minimal effort.

23. Shadowboxes

Don’t forget about 3d objects. Shadowboxes are a perfect way to highlight personal possessions. Think of your travel collections, baby’s first shoes, wedding dress, or grandpa’s guitar. You can also incorporate a shadowbox into your gallery wall.

24. Wooden Sculptures

Whether you prefer rustic to modern, a wooden wall sculpture can be the perfect accent for many types of decor. Head to your local woodshop to find the perfect tree trunk slice, or find a sculpture made by an artist online. Either way, you are sure to add warmth and charm to your room. Small wooden pieces are also a great addition to a gallery wall.

25. Kitchen Equipment

If you have wall space in your kitchen, I recommend hanging vintage kitchen equipment from an antique shop. It’s always fun to play the game “what was that used for?” The proper composition can look like refined wall art.

26. Vinyl Decals

The world is limitless regarding how you can transform empty walls with vinyl. Not only does vinyl come in many colors, but you can cut any shape you can dream of. Cut patterns on your home cutter or with fun pre-made decals from Etsy. You can fill an entire wall with a pattern with enough patience.

27. Tile

Tile is a great way to add subtle texture or a huge impact, depending on your personal style. The possibilities are endless when you can tile a full room, an accent wall, or a focal point.

28. Event Tickets

Physical tickets are all but a thing of the past, but that only makes the ones we have even more special. Hang concert or sporting event tickets together in a collage, frame them individually, and never forget that magical experience.

29. Metal Wall Art

Metal wall art makes a definite statement and has been a classic decor idea for some time. You can find many vintage brass options if you prefer a classic look or an ultra-modern wall hanging to make your room shine.

30. Stretched Fabric

Want to fill a larger wall space but don’t have the budget for a giant piece of artwork? Fabric and canvas stretcher bars to the rescue! All you need is a stapler gun, and you can make any fabric into a work of art. Many art stores will stretch the canvas for you for a small price.

Commissioned art is such a special wall decor idea.
Image via Pexels.

31. Commissioned Art

Your space should reflect your individual life, and a commissioned piece of art is a lovely way to achieve this. No matter what you pick – your beloved pooch, family home, or a special moment – it will bring joy to your walls and become an instant family heirloom.

32. Vintage Signs

Using a vintage sign in your home as wall art can add charm and make a space fun and relaxed. This is a great way to introduce color and humor.

33. Garland

Garland doesn’t just have to be for festive events! Bring some playfulness to any room by adding a sophisticated garland. Try something made of dried foliage or ceramics, and all your friends will want to get their own.

34. Flags

Tell a story by framing your favorite flag. There are endless design options, and you can set the tone by choosing historical, patriotic, nautical, or fun and modern.

35. Accent Wall

Sometimes all you need is a little paint to make a dramatic change. This easy and cheap weekend project can make an eye catching focal point; when you get bored, re-paint. You can go for subtle or bold – the options are limitless!

36. Children’s Artwork

If your child is a little artist, then be sure to frame a masterpiece or two! Prefer a more curated look? Buy kid-friendly water-based paints in a color palette that matches the aesthetic of your home, and let them go wild.

37. Plates

Antique or modern, you can create a collage with your favorite china. Don’t be scared to mix patterns, sizes, and colors to make a memorable composition. All you need is a few plate holders, and you are ready to start hanging.

38. Pressed Flowers

Pressing flowers is an easy and fun activity, and you can make a beautiful piece of artwork at the same time. Be a scavenger in your yard to find vibrant flowers and leaves of all colors, shapes, and sizes. This could be a cute wall art addition to a small space.

39. Paneling

Forget that 70’s wall paneling of your nightmares! With so many options for beautiful wall paneling, it’s hard to go wrong. Beadboard adds a vintage vibe, board and batten is fresh and current, and geometric paneling is sure to pop.

40. Photography

It may seem obvious, but photography is one of the easiest ways to fill an empty wall. From your favorite Instagram photos to work purchased online, you can bring your room to life with a custom photo gallery.

Colorful or black and white, photography is always a solid wall decor idea.
Image via Pexels.

41. Book Pages

If you want a cohesive set of artwork for your wall but don’t want to spend a ton of time or money sourcing work, use a coffee table book. Find a book with beautiful photos and cut out a few of your favorites to frame. Extra points if you find the book at your local used book shop.

42. Faux Taxidermy

Animals can add instant whimsy to any room, and these days you can find faux taxidermy in so many fun material options. Paper mache, wireframe, felt – it’s hard to go wrong. This is an especially great option for a kids’ room or holiday decorating.

43. Hats

Can’t stop buying hats? Hang them as wall art in your bedroom, closet, entryway, or guest room. Together, your collection will be elevated to art, and you won’t forget all the great options in your wardrobe.

44. DIY Painting

Even if you don’t consider yourself a great artist, you can paint something perfect for your home. If you want to save money, buy a painting from a thrift store, add details, or start fresh and paint over the whole thing. Large-scale wall art can get expensive quickly. Instead, try getting crafty and painting your own piece for the ideal budget-friendly solution.

45. Hooks For Storage

Who doesn’t need a little more storage? Hooks come in various designs and can be arranged to create an engaging composition. The best part is you can hang your everyday items – hats, scarves, dog leashes – and have a great display at the same time.


Start your day inspired by highlighting your favorite quotes on your wall. Vinyl is a great option here, or feel free to frame your mantra for wall decor. Don’t forget to pick a font that matches the mood.

47. Banners

Banners used to only be for sports teams, but now they come in so many different forms. These come in many fun shapes and can look great on their own or be added to a gallery wall. You can’t go wrong if you are looking to inspire or say something cute.

48. Embroidery Hoops

If your favorite pastime involves sewing, you probably have tons of scrap fabric. Use embroidery hoops to show off your favorite patterns by arranging a few together to add visual interest to your empty walls.

49. Books

Books add so much richness to any space while at the same time telling a story, literally and visually. Frame your favorites in shadowboxes, or display their cover art on shelves. Books can also be a handy tool to layer on shelves to add height to other objects.

50. Wreaths

You might think of Christmas when you hear the word wreath, but don’t stop there. You can find many thoughtful options that work for any season or change the look throughout the year. Dried flowers are a chic way to add texture to an empty wall.

Chalkboard paint is a playful wall decor idea.
Image via Pexels.

51. Chalkboard Paint

If you are looking for a kids’ room or playroom option, then chalkboard paint might be for you. You can paint an entire wall, an accent wall, or just a shape, but this will surely give endless fun to any little ones (or young at heart) in your home.

52. Record Covers

It seems like a shame to keep your album collection on a shelf when there is such cool cover art. Instead, show your favorites off as wall art by framing them or placing them face forward on floating shelves. This is also an easy thing to change when the mood strikes!

53. Travel Tickets

It’s always fun to find that train ticket in an old backpack from your study abroad in Paris, but why leave this to chance? Hang those tickets from your favorite adventures on the wall, and never forget your best vacations.

54. Print At Home Art

Art can be pricy, so printing work on your home printer is an excellent option. Don’t have a quality printer? As long as you buy the rights for the print, you can take the file to your local print shop for professional quality, and that’s still a great price. This is also a way to add to your gallery wall on a budget.

55. Antique Doors

If you have a bigger space, you should consider a vintage or pair of doors for wall decor. Antique doors often have charm and warmth that can add something special to a room.

56. Wine Labels

Many bottles of wine are opened for celebrations, and we would have it no other way. With just a little hot water, you can save those labels and frame them never to forget that champagne you opened to toast your promotion. Wine labels are a great addition to a gallery wall. Cheers!

57. Studio Paper Roller

Huge note-taker? A studio paper roller is for you. These come in multiple widths, and you will have (almost) endless paper for your lists and thoughts. You can also draw anything you want to add flair.

58. Sconce Lighting

​​Well-placed lighting can set the mood in any room, and certain fixtures can feel like wall art. Use sculptural wall sconces to not only add drama but also as a design element. Fixtures with unexpected colors and shapes can give a wall that wow factor you are hoping for.

59. Pegboard

Pegboards used to only belong in the garage, but many creative pegboard options can take your wall decor to the next level these days. Skip the standard hardware store masonite and instead choose sleek wood or painted panels. Slightly larger holes and wood dowel pegs offer a chic look while creating extra storage space.

Paint can be used in so many simple wall decor ideas.
Image via Pexels.

60. Stamp Art

If you don’t feel comfortable painting a mural but want something more unique than wallpaper, try your hand at stamp art. There are many pattern options; you can layer the shapes and colors however you want to create a knockout effect.

61. Airplane Propeller

Have a pilot (or aspiring pilot) in your life? An airplane propellor hung on your wall is a great conversation starter and can add interest to odd-shaped spaces.

62. Architectural Salvage

Doors and windows are typical architectural salvage pieces used in homes but don’t stop there. Bring some history to your home by displaying ornate fireplace screens, parts of columns, metal ceiling tiles, or anything else that speaks to you.

63. Paper Cut Art

Some paper cut art is so shockingly intricate that you will want to stare at it for hours. As a bonus, ask your framer to sandwich this type of art between two panes of glass to enhance the depth and create beautiful shadows.

64. Botanical Charts

Whether new or vintage, botanical charts are one of my favorite things to hang as wall art. The organic shapes of the botanicals help to soften a room while at the same time feeling very organized and modern.

65. Empty Frames

Frames can be art too! Find ornate and uniquely shaped frames from thrift stores and antique markets, remove the existing artwork, and hang them in a cluster. This is a fun and unexpected option for a vintage-styled home.

66. Vintage Game Boards

Are your old gameboards collecting dust in the attic? Vintage game boards can be a great addition to whimsical wall decor. These often include fun shapes and colors and are a great conversation piece. Feel free to frame the boards or mount them directly on the wall.

67. Library Style Shelving

It’s hard to beat the sophistication of library shelving for a reason. This classic design makes any room feel cozy and makes anyone want to stay all day. Be the envy of all your friends if you have space for a rolling ladder.

68. Field of Color Art

You don’t have to be Rothko to make a bold color statement. Paint a canvas in a single bold color, or opt for a few rectangles of color to create your own wall decor. This is an inexpensive and easy way to make a standout piece that would impact an empty wall. You can also incorporate a solid color canvas in your gallery wall to give it a modern look.

69. Menus

Are you a foodie constantly checking Resy for the newest en vogue tasting menu? Instead of letting these experiences live in your memory, save the menus and frame them as wall art. This would be a charming addition to your dining room. Extra points if you can score the chef’s signature.

When it comes to wall decor ideas, plants always rule.
Image via Pexels.

70. Vertical Garden

​​A lush, green vertical garden can be a major showpiece. Many systems are made for this, but you can also be creative. Place plant cuttings in a champagne riddling rack to make your own propagation station.

71. Family Recipes

Don’t keep your grandma’s handwritten lasagna recipe hidden in the drawer for another second. Recipes, or even a single recipe, will look great on the wall of your kitchen. But watch out – you might have guests making special dinner party requests!

72. Corkboard

Anyone who has been through elementary school has seen a corkboard on a wall, but you can elevate this look with a few simple tips. Choose cohesive items to hang, find chic pushpins, and don’t be afraid to rearrange things throughout the year to keep the design fresh.

73. Art Supplies

Artists often have a reputation for hoarding supplies, but why not display them as wall art? Art supplies and tools are typically fun to look at, so go ahead and use them for wall decor. As a bonus, if they are shown in plain sight, you will never forget what you have.

74. Basketball Backboard

Make that special basketball nut in your family extra happy by bringing the sport inside. Use a modern basketball hoop as a piece of art; your home will always be the most fun place. If you are feeling extra luxe, a marble backboard is sure to impress the harshest critic.

75. Magnet Paint Wall

It might look like magic at first, but magnetic paint is a clever way to update any wall or portion of a wall. To create this look, use magnetic primer, then paint whatever color you choose for the topcoat.

When you are finding the best wall decor idea for you, don't forget to think about texture, color, and pattern.
Image via Pexels.

Best Wall Decor Ideas Summary

Creativity with your wall decor will set your home apart, whether you want to fill a small space or a huge blank wall.

The most important thing to remember when planning your wall decor is that your home should express your unique personality. Use these wall decor ideas to fit how you live and how you want to feel in your own space.

Second, identify the places in your home where you want more character. Use this list as a guide, but let your imagination go wild. If you love something, anything, you can find a way to show it off in your home.

Finally, budget dictates design choices, and it’s hard to get around that fact. Fortunately, we have many wall decor ideas, and we don’t have to let budget hold us back.

How can you use these tips to achieve a similar style if you see a look that you love? More often than not, the end goal can be even better than the inspiration! Sometimes an accent wall looks even better than a full room treatment.

I hope this guide helped, and please feel free to reach out with any wall decor tips you think I missed!

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