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Create the ultimate sanctuary with the timeless look of an iron bed frame. With clean lines and durable construction, this classic style can serve as the centerpiece of your chic and cozy bedroom.
But with so many options available, how do you choose the perfect frame? 

Traditionally, iron bed frames lend themselves to a farmhouse vibe, but with slight tweaks to this design, it can look ultra-modern, mid-century, or even glam. This style is so adaptable that it can easily adjust to decor changes over time, making it a great choice with long-lasting appeal that can complement most rooms. 

Whether you have the budget to splurge or save, I have found great options for every price point. So grab a pillow, relax, and let’s find the best iron bed frame for your stylish oasis!

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Before You Buy An Iron Bed Frame…

The Deco wrought iron bed in a gray room with white sheets. Plants and modern decor surround the bed.

…And What To Look For On Your Search For The Best Metal Bed Frames

Frame Material – Iron vs. Steel Frame

Wrought iron beds are typically made from solid iron, while other metal bed frames are usually steel tubing. Iron beds are often more sturdy and durable than steel metal frames, but iron bed frames are typically more expensive. 

When you choose a metal bed frame, consider the durability of the materials. The more heavy-duty bed frame, the less the metal frame will creak, giving a restful night’s sleep. 

Box Spring vs. No Box Spring?

Most iron bed frames won’t require a box spring or foundation, but some will. It is essential to check the manufacturer’s specs to determine the needs of your frame.

Some iron bed frames use a wooden slat system to support your mattress. In this case, using a box spring is up to you. 

When it comes to metal frames, most bed frames will not require a box spring, but it’s better to double check.

Type Of Mattress You Plan On Using

Any mattress can be used with an iron bed frames, whether a memory foam or a traditional spring mattress. However, it is necessary to ensure the bed frame supports your mattress and has the weight capacity needed for the type of mattress you select.

Under-Bed Clearance and Storage Capacity

Most metal bed frames are very low-profile, so if you are used to under-bed storage, this can be challenging. Before buying, check how many inches of under-bed clearance is available for storage space if this is important.

Tightening Bed Frames

Unlike wooden bed frames, metal bed frames will need to have the screws tightened periodically. Keep the install instructions for your bed so you remember where all the screws are. I like to scan these because they are easier to keep track of on my computer!

Iron And Brass Beds Are Low-Maintenance

Solid iron beds are incredibly durable and easy to maintain. Periodically dust them with a damp cloth to keep them looking their best, and stay away from hard cleaners.

A wrought iron bed in a modern but cozy room.
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What is the Best Metal Bed Frame of 2024?

​​Here are my top picks for the best metal bed frames:
  1. Anthropologie Deco Bed – Best Overall
  2. Paloma Retro Black Bed – Best Budget Alternative
  3. Maddie Bed
  4. Washington Bed Frame
  5. Cavale Bed
  6. Maude Bed
  7. Tabiauea Metal Canopy Bed Frame
  8. Zinus Joseph Metal Platforma Bed
  9. Helix Frame
  10. Kempst Steel Bed Frame
  11. Arched Iron Canopy Bed
  12. Dalessandro Bed Frame
  13. Mr. Kate Primrose Metal Bed
  14. Room&Board Parsons Frame
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1. Anthropologie Deco Bed – Best Overall

The Deco wrought iron bed frame Anthropologie has fluffy white bedding. The headboard and footboard have a loop detailing with brass detailing.

This handcrafted wrought iron bed from Anthropologie is my absolute favorite. We have had this beauty for five years, and it’s still my dream bed.

Not only does this iron bed complement the historic charm of our home and look absolutely stunning in our bedroom, but it has great quality and is beyond sturdy. This bed is a splurge, but I think it was worth it because it’s the standout feature in our space, doesn’t creak, and couldn’t fit our space better. 

This frame comes with beautiful gold detailing, and the curvy shape has so much personality. Even though we went with a king-size frame, and this bed is quite tall, the airiness of the design makes it fit perfectly in our not-so-large bedroom. 

The base uses wooden slats to support the mattress, so you don’t need a box spring, but we chose to use one anyway. I use this box spring cover so it wouldn’t be noticeable, and it looks flawless.

Just be careful not to use any chemical cleaners around the brass parts, or they will dull over time.

Because of its timeless style, fantastic craftsmanship, and beautiful detailing, I think the Deco Bed is the best iron bed frame available.
  • Available sizes: King, Queen
  • Material: Iron
  • It can be used with or without a box spring.

2. Paloma Retro Black Bed – Best Budget Alternative

The Palmoma metal bed has a loop detailing on the headboard and footboard. This metal frame is shown without a mattress and the metal slats are visable.

Love the Anthropologie metal frame, but hate the price? Then run, don’t walk to this Paloma Retro Bed on Amazon. 

With similar lines and proportions, the Paloma is available in a few additional colors.  

These metal beds don’t have the gold detailing, it’s unavailable in a king, and some customers have had some assembly issues, but you might be able to overlook these flaws for this excellent price.  

For a sliver of the price, you get the same glam styling as the more expensive model. The Palmoma is an excellent budget score and one of the best metal bed frames on a budget.
  • Available sizes: Queen, Full
  • Material: Steel
  • Box spring is required.
  • Available in four color finishes.

3. Maddie Bed

A modern iron bed frame with white sheets.

The Maddie Iron Bed from Lulu and Georgia perfectly balances contemporary and farmhouse styling. The angular iron tubing design gives this bed a stylish character, while the overall shape is absolutely timeless. 

The streamlined angled detailing gives a very polished and luxe look that will add timeless elegance to any room. The sturdy frame is made from solid iron, so you know it will last many years.

Since this metal frame is so transitional, it would be effortless to style in many different ways, and it will be a piece you will want in your home for many years to come.
  • Available sizes: King, Queen, Twin
  • Material: Iron
  • A low-profile box spring is recommended.

4. Washington Bed Frame

A metal bed with a pointed arch headboard and footboard has decorative round finial posts.

If you are searching for a vintage-styled metal platform frame that doesn’t break the bank, then the Washington Frame might be just what you need. The pointed arch of the headboard and footboard makes this style unique and charming, and this price almost seems too good to be true. 

But don’t let this cost fool you – these metal bed frames have heavy-duty steel construction and are built with durability in mind.

It has an impressive weight capacity of 1000 lbs, making it perfect for rowdy kids jumping on the bed or even a guest room. 

The ample space under the frame allows for enough clearance to use as extra storage space, which is not typical with metal bed frames. 
  • Available sizes: Queen, Full, Twin
  • Material: Steel
  • Box spring not required.
  • Available in two color finishes.
  • Compatible with memory foam mattresses. 

5. Cavale Bed

Metal bed frame has vertical steel tubing on the arched headboard and footboard.

The curved headboard and footboard design of the Cavale Bed is so refined and chic. Handcrafted from solid iron, this bed uses modern vertical metal rail detailing, while the arch shape will feel at home with most decor styles. 

This bed frame comes with a wood slat system used for the base, meaning a sturdy base and a good night’s sleep.

Unfortunately, this style is only available as a queen size currently, but depending on the size of your room, this could be the perfect option for your space. 

  • Available sizes: Queen
  • Material: Iron
  • Box spring not required.
  • Easy to assemble.

6. Maude Bed

An industrial solid metal wrought iron bed frame has cabled detailing on the headboard and footboard, and is decorated with white sheets.

The Maude frame from Arhaus is designed with drama in mind. Inspired by suspension cables, the meticulous detailing makes this design feel architectural and contemporary. 

This frame is designed to last generations, and the style will always be able to adapt to many types of decor. The industrial vibe is bold yet adaptable to many decor styles.

  • Available sizes: King
  • Material: Iron

7. Tabiauea Metal Canopy Bed Frame

A black iron bed made from heavy duty steel has many blankets and pillows.

I love how canopy beds can make a space feel sophisticated and timeless, and this sleek iron frame gives a modern look to this style. The proportions of the Tabiauea Metal Frame are very refined, while the price is practically a steal. 

  • Available sizes: Queen, Full
  • Material: Steel
  • No need for a box spring.
  • Easy assembly
  • Available in three color options.
  • Over a foot of under-bed clearance for extra storage space.

8. Zinus Joseph Metal Platforma Bed

A low iron bed with white sheets and a red and white striped blanket.

The Joseph Metal Platforma Bed Frame is hard to beat for lovers of ultra-modern, minimalist design. This sleek frame features unfussy, simple lines and is offered in multiple heights, including a low-profile metal bed or high-rise platform options. 

The low platform height is the ideal proportion for smaller rooms and to fit under low windows.

These metal frames are easy to assemble, and you can purchase a matching mattress as well if you wish. Keep things streamlined without a headboard, or simply add a wall-hung headboard of your choice for more drama. 

  • Available sizes: King, Queen, Full, Twin, Narrow Twin
  • Material: Steel
  • Box spring not required.
  • Easy to assemble.

9. Helix Frame

The Helix Frame is a simple metal bed frame with wooden slats.

If you are looking for a simple but heavy duty bed frame that won’t break the bank, you must check out the Helix Frame. These metal bed frames are the most streamlined of all the frames on this list, but sometimes simplicity is just what you need. 

You can either attach a headboard to the metal structure or use the base on its own. The Helix is designed to hold a total weight limit of 2500 lbs, meaning you won’t hear creaks, and you can trust this bed frame to last a lifetime

  • Available sizes: California King, King, Queen, Full, Twin, XL Twin
  • Material: Steel construction + injection-molded, fiberglass-infused resins
  • A foundation or base is needed.
  • A matching mattress is available for purchase.
  • Easy assembly

10. Kempst Steel Bed Frame (By Trent Austin Design)

A metal bed frame has gray sheets and pillows.

This metal frame is the perfect pairing of rustic and contemporary – it would complement your upstate cabin just as well as your guest room with Scandanavian-inspired wallpaper.

With just enough detailing to make this metal frame feel special, the Kempst bed will be adaptable in your home decor for many years.

11. Arched Iron Canopy Bed

A metal bed frame is a tall arched canopy bed with white sheets and pillows.

Crate&Barrel does it again with this stunning metal canopy bed. The matte black frame paired with the dramatic arch is exquisite, and the contemporary lines are striking.

The neutral upholstery on the headboard softens the harshness of this iron bed, which is a standout feature amongst metal beds.

12. Dalessandro Bed Frame

A metal platform bed has an arch detailing on the headboard. It has plenty of room for under bed storage.

The Dalessandro metal bed has modern, clean lines, but the scalloped interior detailing makes it feel very refined and tones down the sharp angles. This metal platform bed frame has plenty of space for under-bed storage, and you’ll be shocked by the affordable price.

13. Mr. Kate Primrose Metal Bed

A dainty iron bed with white sheets and a mustard colored coverlet.

The headboard and footboard’s artistic lines and decorative elements make this bed frame feel like a modern version with Art Nouveau styling. Offered in white or matte black, this platform bed will surely be a focal point in your romantic-styled bedroom.

The excellent price makes this bed frame set perfect for any room in your home!

14. Room & Board Parsons Frame

An orange metal bed frame made from recycled steel has white sheets and pillow cases.

If you love color, then the Parsons bed is the frame for you! Many metal bed frames are only offered in black, but this frame comes in 18 fun hues, and I love this bright tangerine shade.

This metal platform bed almost looks like it’s made of wood, but it’s actually made from recycled steel.

The headboard of a wrought iron bed is shown with white linen sheets and a fluffy tan dog looking out a window.

Final Thoughts

With timeless style and enduring construction, metal bed frames can effortlessly become the centerpiece of your bedroom oasis. With so many available styles and price points, you will have no trouble finding the perfect option for the room of your dreams.

I can’t recommend the Deco Frame by Anthropologie more. The craftsmanship is flawless, it uses high-quality materials, and its whimsical silhouette brings so much drama to my room. 

The Deco is a splurge, but Paloma Frame also has great style and is a fantastic budget-friendly alternative. The materials aren’t quite as luxe, but the overall form is just as chic. 

If you prefer the look of clean lines and modern decor, go with the Maddie Bed or the Tabiauea Metal Canopy Frame. Both offer the perfect balance of modernity and functionality for those seeking a sleek and minimalist aesthetic but at different price points.

Remember, these wrought iron bed frames can transform your bedroom into a personal haven and reflect your unique personality and taste. So, take a leap of imagination, trust your instincts, and find the metal bed frame that resonates with your sense of style.

Thank you so much for taking the time to read this post, and I hope you found this information helpful in your search for a new iron bed frame! 

Happy slumber!

The Deco wrought iron bed in a gray room with white sheets. Plants and modern decor surround the bed. A full length mirror is in the foreground reflecting the space.
The Deco wrought iron bed is shown looking through a doorway. Mismatched bedroom furniture compliments the space.
I love how charming the Deco iron bed frame looks at the entry of our bedroom.
The Deco iron bed from Anthropologie is shown with white sheets and pillows. This is one of the most elegant solid wrought iron beds from Anthropologie.
Image via
A metal bed frame in an A-frame home is surrounded with farmhouse styled furniture.
The Maddie iron bed frame complements this rustic but modern guest room – Image via Lulu and Georgia
A white metal bed frame poster bed with a canopy in a green room, surrounded by simple white furniture.
The Tabiauea metal bed frame is also available in white and green – Image via