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When designing the furniture layout of your living room, family room, or media room, you should consider selecting a modular sectional sofa. They can adapt to your needs over time, offer way more functionality options than a standard sofa, and can be the ultimate comfy escape.

Selecting a new modular sofa can be difficult because all the options and styles can get overwhelming. It must fit your style, be durable enough for your family, fit your budget, and be comfortable.

In this post, I have ranked and reviewed the best modular sofas for your living space, no matter your budget or style.

So let’s jump in and find your dream couch!

What is a Modular Sectional?

A modular sofa, or sectional sofa, is a couch made up of multiple segments. The separate parts fit together to look like one piece of furniture, but the components can be moved around or altered as needed over time.

Not only comfortable, but a modular sofa can also be very versatile. This type of furniture can be configured to fit in many different layouts and will allow you to change your room over time.

If you move or like to redecorate often, having a modular sofa can be a great way to ensure that your sofa can fit into many different scenarios.

Many modular sofas even have the option to incorporate chaise lounges, tables, ottomans, or sleeper sofas, making this type of furniture ideal to fit your family’s changing needs.

A curved sectional by Castlery is upholstered in cream boucle fabric is in a room decorated with modern accessories including a rattan coffee table, a bubble chandelier, and a mushroom lamp.
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How to Choose the Right Modular Sofa For Your Home 

It’s no secret that modular sofas are expensive. Not only is this the foundational piece of furniture in your living area, but it also might be the most significant furniture investment you make in your home.

Considering these high stakes, you want the best modular sofa possible. Before you start shopping, there are a few things to consider:


Even budget modular couches are pricy since they are large pieces of furniture. Custom made, luxury modular sofas can cost tens of thousands of dollars.

With such a broad spectrum of price points available, it’s best to know your budget upfront and stick to stores with great options in your range. It’s easy to fall in love with a sofa that costs as much as your car, but it’s better to skip getting too cozy if it’s not within your budget.

Size + Scale Of Your Modular Sofa

Modular furniture is so convenient because of its flexibility in sizing, but this can also make purchasing confusing.

A generous modular sofa with deep seats is ideal for a vast room. In contrast, a flexible sofa with various configurations and added storage can make a tight living area feel spacious.

Building a dream sectional sofa can be easy, only to find it too large for your family room. Pay close attention to the scale of each component and the sofa as a whole to ensure it will fit in your room.

If you are unsure about the fit, hiring an interior designer would be a good idea. An interior designer can direct you toward the correct size of furniture for your room because there’s nothing worse than returning a gigantic piece of furniture.

Consider the access to the room where you plan on placing your modular sofa. Ensure that each component can access all the necessary doorways or stairs. You don’t want your modular sofa delivered only to find that you can’t get it into the room you want.

A cream chaise sectional from Lovesac is surrounded by traditional home furnishings including a farmhouse style coffee table, blue and white gingham throw pillows, and an abstract area rug.
Image via Lovesac


Accessories aren’t necessary, but they could be a considerable value to your home, depending on how you intend to use your room. Many modular sofas have an option for ottomans with storage, but you can get a range of add-ons to make your living spaces work even harder.

Many brands offer hidden storage in all the components, including the seating. This can be a game changer for smaller living rooms and homes where storage is always an issue.

Coffee tables, power hubs, or even a pull-out bed can be added to your modular sofa. All these little add-ons will make your life that much easier.

Image via Burrow

What are the Best Modular Sofas of 2024?

​​Here are my top picks for the best modular sofas this year:
  1. Burrow – Nomad Sectional – Overall Best Modular Sofa
  2. Honbay – Most Affordable Sectional
  3. Lovesac – Sactionals – Most Comfortable Sectional Sofa
  4. Ossining Velvet Sectional – Best Family Sectional
  5. Gus Modern – Mix Modular Sectional – Most Eco-Friendly
  6. N701 Sofa by Jacques Deneef – Most Relaxed Chic
  7. Castlery – Marlow Sofa – Best Curved Sectional
  8. Mario Bellini Sofa – Most Museum-Worthy
  9. Joybird – Bryant Sectional – Most Cozy Modular Sofa
  10. Pottery Barn – Dream Modular Sofa – Most Classic
  11. West Elm – Harmony Sectional – Best Sleeper Sofa
  12. Crate and Barrel – Gather Sectional – Most Fabric Options
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1. Burrow – Nomad Sectional

Overall Best Modular Sofa
A cream upholstered modular sectional sofa with wooden legs from Burrow

The Nomad Sectional from Burrow is the quintessential modular sofa. Burrow instead uses a patented system where each section can be set up in different ways so you can use the same parts in multiple configurations.

This clever design allows you the most possible flexibility and is ideal for small spaces. You can easily add to your modular sofa in the future or redesign it as you wish over time.

This system is also a smart choice if you need to move your new sofa upstairs or into a smaller space because each modular piece is manageable. This particular couch breaks down, so you can easily carry it into any tight space or up tight stairs.

But don’t worry – customers rave that these modulars sofas are so easy to put together!

I also love that you can choose different leg colors (the walnut base is shown above) and cushion designs to make your sectional match your home decor. Burrow offers three available fabric options: performance fabric, performance velvet, and top grain leather.

  • The modular system can be rearranged as you wish
  • Available in 10 fabrics, including performance fabric, plus 3 leather options
  • Receive 2 free swatches, then $5 per sample
  • Available in 3 wood and 3 metal leg finishes  
  • Constructed with upcycled materials and sustainable wood
  • 3 arm style options
  • 2 back cushion styles
  • Upgrade options: moveable chaise, ottoman, sleep kit, and bolster pillows
Bottom line: 

The Burrow sectional sofa is easy to put together, comfortable, sustainably crafted, looks fantastic, and the design is supremely flexible. All these great features, plus the great price point, make the Nomad the overall best modular sectional sofa for any room, and it is especially great for small spaces and apartment dwellers.

2. Honbay

Most Affordable Sectional
A six piece sectional sofa where all the modular pieces are created from armless chairs and optional arms.

Who couldn’t use some extra storage in their living room? The Honbay Modular Sectional offers tons of flexibility with multiple configurations, and each module has storage built into the seat cushions.

The two main components are armless chairs and an ottoman, and an armrest can be added to both elements. With this adaptability, this furniture piece will adjust to your needs as your family and space change. The parts can even be arranged to form a sleeper bed, which is fantastic for those unexpected guests.

This sectional is at a much lower price than the others on this list, especially for its size. I love that it’s made from a solid wood frame with durable, comfy cushions. The downside is that the upholstery is polyester and is only offered in three colors, which is not as nice as some of the other higher-priced options.

The U-shaped sectional arrangement is a fantastic choice when you have the space for a larger seating arrangement. This entire couch is the same price as many other brands’ single modular pieces!

  • The modular system can be rearranged as you wish
  • Available in 3 fabric colors
  • Fabric samples are NOT available
  • Solid wood frame, with built-in, hidden storage in each component
  • Easy to assemble
  • Free shipping
  • This sofa does NOT offer pet-friendly fabrics. Cushion covers are recommended if you have pets – especially cats.
Bottom line: 

The Honbay Modular sofa offers much flexibility in its arrangements, with each module featuring storage built into the seat. The price is fantastic, especially for the functionality, but you don’t get the luxe materials that other modular sofas offer.

The Honbay modular sofa is the best budget modular sofa and a fantastic alternative to the Lovsac.

3. Lovesac – Sactionals

Most Comfortable Sectional
A cream sectional sofa with ottoman arranged as the coffee table.

The Lovesac Sactionals is the most comfortable sofa when it comes to modular furniture. Created with relaxation in mind, the plush seat and sturdy frame will make you want to sink in and get cozy. 

They have endless customization options and the most clever built-in technology. The only thing holding me back from calling this the best overall modular sofa is the high price tag.

The company calls itself “The world’s most adaptable couch,” and when you start reading about its system, it’s easy to see why. The components attach in a way that allows them ultimate flexibility. You can change and rearrange the component’s layout as your needs evolve.

Each fabric cover is removable, machine washable, and made from the ultimate performance fabric. Not only is this great for a messy and busy lifestyle, but it also allows you to change the covers when your aesthetic shifts. 

Sactionals also include an upgradable power hub, which is even more necessary nowadays when we have so many devices to power. On top of all these features, these sectional sofas are attractive, making them almost perfect.

Their only downside is the price tag, which is significant. If it weren’t for the considerable expense, the Lovesac would be my #1 pick. 

  • The modular system made of removable cushions can be rearranged as you wish
  • Machine-washable, stain-resistant covers
  • 200+ changeable covers and reversible cushions
  • Build your own Sactional with the online layout tool 
  • Optional storage seat
  • Included power hub
  • Guaranteed for life
  • 60-day home trial
  • Free shipping
Bottom line: 

The Lovesac is undoubtedly the most comfortable modular sectional. They come with many bells and whistles and are guaranteed for life, which is extremely rare. If you can handle the price tag, this piece will be well-loved by the whole family for many years, and you will quickly see why many people think it’s the best modular sectional sofa around.

4. Ossining Velvet Sectional

Best Family Sectional
A navy modular couch will easily fit in with any existing decor

When you are on a strict budget but don’t want to sacrifice style, the Ossining Velvet modular sofa from Wayfair has come to the rescue. The performance velvet is super durable, and the rich jewel tones will complement most decor styles, making this one of the best family-friendly modular sofa options.

This sectional is unique because the armrests and backrests can tilt to all for extra cozy lounging. Set this up as a standard U-shape configuration, or get creative and opt for one of the many other options!

Convenient built-in, hidden storage is the perfect place to stash toys, blankets, and other nicknacks so your living room always looks tidy.

  • Overall dimensions: 90.2” wide x 58.3” deep x 33.5” high
  • 3 velvet colors are available: Green, blue, and gray
  • Extra deep seats for supreme comfort
  • Assembly required
  • Built-in storage included
  • Sectional clips included
  • Removable back cushions
Bottom line:

This super durable modular sofa is a fantastic price and has many clever features like built-in storage. Its flexible design is perfect for a small space and still large enough to fit your whole family, and no one will believe it’s a budget modular sofa.

A faux leather sectional sofa with ottoman.

Modern aesthetics meets sustainability with the Gus Modern Mix Modular Sectional. This modular sofa has five attractive upholstery options, including a faux leather option crafted from upcycled apple skins

The Mix Modular Sectional offers many unique component shapes that will set your furniture apart, such as a wedge, arc, storage box, and block table. The components are designed so you can add or subtract over time, allowing you to create multiple configurations unique to the Mix Modular Sectional and infinite flexibility. 

Not only is this sectional built to last, but it’s super comfy. Being eco-friend has never looked – or felt – so good!

  • Available in 17 modular components
  • Available in 5 fabrics, including a faux apple skin leather
  • Select components include matching bolster cushions
  • All components can be joined using integrated connectors on the underside
  • The frame is crafted from FSC kiln-dried hardwood frames
  • All legs include plastic bumpers to minimize floor damage
Bottom line: 

The Gus Modern Sectional is perfect if you are in the market for an ultra-modern piece of furniture. This sofa is pricy but built to last and remarkably eco-friendly.

6. N701 Sofa by Jacques Deneef

Most Relaxed Chic 
A single armless chair design fits together to create an ultra-modern modular design.

The N701 Sofa is just begging you to sit down and get cozy. The armless chair form and minimalist detailing make this sectional look remarkably modern, but the overall shape is plush and casual.

Undeniably a luxury choice, this elegant modular sofa has a timeless aesthetic, making it perfect when you want to avoid purchasing fast furniture. Made with sustainable materials and resources, it will be a sleek addition to any home for many years.

The upholstery is only available in two neutral shades. This might feel a bit boring initially, but it will ensure that this modular sofa will easily fit in with your home decor forever.

  • Available in 5 modular components
  • Available in 4 fabric neutral shades
  • Stain resistant fabric are made using recycled cotton
  • No assembly required
  • Frame is hardwood
  • Sectional clips included
Bottom line: 

This is the best modular sectional if you want a luxury sofa that will feel relaxed but contemporary. The price reflects the fine craftsmanship and materials, but you will forget about that as soon as you sit down…

7. Castlery – Marlow Sofa

Best Curved Sectional
A curved sectional sofa which is perfect for a modern lounging space.

If you are hunting for a curved sectional, look no further than the Marlow by Castlery. You can add as many modules together as your space requires, making this option especially great for those awkward-shaped rooms.

The individual sections can be used together to form a giant curve or separated to form multiple pieces of furniture. You can easily add to or rearrange the composition over time.

This modular sectional is only offered in one fabric, a white spill-resistant bouclé. The upholstery is sophisticated and will complement many decor styles, but this is something to remember if you don’t prefer bouclé.

Side note, this sectional also looks really great with a bubble chandelier!

  • Available in 3 modular components
  • Available in 1 fabric color
  • Laminated veneer lumber + plywood frame with natural oak veneer
  • Customers rave about the soft, comfortable cushions that hold their shape
  • 14-day return policy
Bottom line: 

The curved shape of The Marlow by Castlery makes this sectional one of the best modular sofas for a unique living space. The contemporary design is a standout, but the upholstery is only available in white bouclé.

8. Mario Bellini Sofa

Most Museum-Worthy
An orange Mario Bellini Camaleonda sectional is an interior designer favorite and every modular piece looks like artwork.

It’s impossible to look at a design magazine and not see the Mario Bellini Camaleonda Sectional. This classic piece was initially designed in the 70s but still feels incredibly modern. Better yet, it’s exceptionally comfortable!

Eternity Modern offers a reproduction of this museum-worthy piece at a fraction of the cost of an original. It’s available in various colors and upholstery materials and will undoubtedly be a conversation starter in any home.

The different modular components of this design are meant to be shifted around as needed, with no set shape. Sink in and get cozy with this contemporary modular dream.

  • Available in 5 modular components
  • Available in 96 fabric colors, including vegan and vintage leathers
  • Receive up to 12 free fabric swatches
  • There is a custom option to use your own fabric
  • You can shop in stock or made to order options
  • 1 year warranty
Bottom line: 

The Mario Bellini Sectional from Eternity Modern is the ultimate showstopper that will absolutely make a statement. This sectional sofa is perfect for anyone who has never been accused of blending in!

9. Joybird – Bryant

Most Cozy Sectional
The Joybird three piece sectional sofa is one of the most comfortable modular couches and is available in various configurations.

The Bryant modular sectional has clean lines but still manages to be the ultimate cozy, slouchy sofa.

This piece has 9 possible configurations and so many colors it will be hard to choose, but worth it when you do. We love the large selection of pet/kid-friendly and performance fabrics, which will keep your new sofa looking fantastic no matter how wild your household is.

All Joybird furniture is handmade with responsibly sourced materials, and their lifetime guarantee makes this purchase a no-brainer. Your only problem will be getting people off your couch!

  • Available in 9 modular configurations
  • Available in 63 fabrics, including performance fabric
  • The frame is made predominately of plush premium foam and a minimal wood frame for extra comfort
  • Free design consultation is available
  • Free swatch kit
  • Sectional clips included
  • Handmade by skilled craftsmen
  • Plush filling is extra cozy
  • 90-day return policy (customer pays for shipping costs)
  • Comes with Joybird’s lifetime limited warranty
Bottom line:

This ultra-customizable modular sectional from Joybird will fit perfectly with any home decor or lifestyle. The great selection of performance fabrics makes this modular couch perfect for people with pets or children (or just messy eaters!)

A cream four piece sectional sofa with ottoman from Pottery Barn is a simple but stylish sofa.

Home styles come and go, but the timeless design of the Dream modular sectional from Pottery Barn isn’t going anywhere. This classic piece has beautiful, sleek lines and is made to last by master craftsmen in North Carolina.

This sofa’s square arms make it modern, while the extra deep seat and super padded cushions guarantee comfort. With eleven pieces available, the possible configurations are endless.

The Dream is available in over one hundred fabrics, and the design team at Pottery Barn is ready to help you select the perfect option for your home.

  • Available in 11 modular components
  • Available in 105 fabrics – including many stain resistant options
  • Free virtual or in-person design consultation from Pottery Barn is available
  • Receive up to 15 free fabric swatches
  • Extra-deep seat for ultimate comfort
  • GREENGAURD gold certified
  • Adjustable levelers on the feet provide stability on uneven floors
  • Handmade in North Carolina by expert craftsmen
  • Hidden steel connectors hold the separate pieces firmly together
  • 30-day return policy
Bottom line:

If you are looking for a chic and classic modular sofa that is beyond comfortable, look no further than the Dream modular sofa. Don’t want to hire an interior designer but need some extra help? Let the design team at Pottery Barn help you select the best options for your home and family.

11. West Elm – Harmony

Best Sleeper Sofa

Thought a sleeper sofa in a sectional was too much to ask? Think again. With West Elm’s Harmony modular sectional, you can choose a component to add extra storage, a pull-out bed, or sit back and relax on this super soft couch.

The online sectional layout tool is a great way to explore all this sectional can offer. Once you narrow down your fabric selections, you can get up to fifteen fabric samples for free.

The twelve unique components can be used together or as a stand-alone piece making this set an ideal choice for a flexible lifestyle. With endless configurations, this modular couch is a great choice for any living space.

  • Available in 12 modular components
  • Available in 120 fabrics – including many spill-proof, performance fabric options
  • Receive up to 15 free fabric swatches
  • 2 components have a hidden storage compartment
  • 2 components include pull out sofa beds
  • Cushions are extremely soft
  • Components can be used together or as standalone pieces
  • Cushions have zip-off covers
  • Sectional clips included
  • Build your own modular sofa with West Elm’s online layout tool
  • Assembled in the USA
Bottom line:

If you want your sofa to feel like a cloud, then the super-soft Harmony modular sectional for West Elm is for you. Whether you want added storage or a sleeper-sofa component, you will find endless possibilities with this very functional sofa.

12. Crate and Barrel – Gather

Most Fabric Options

The Gather Sectional by Crate and Barrel is an absolute timeless beauty that’s number one design goal is to be the most comfortable modular sectional. This sectional has so many design configurations that the overall look can change drastically depending on your selections. 

Customers rave about the quality and durability of this piece of furniture and the comfort of the deep seats. The online sectional builder will help you find your perfect options, and there is even a design function where you can view the sofa in your room on your smartphone, which is super helpful. 

With so many furniture supply chain issues, buying furniture can be a challenge these days, but Crate and Barrel has an option on their site to let you know which options will ship the soonest. This transparency will give you peace of mind when buying this modular sofa. 

  • Available in 20 configurations
  • Available in 203 fabrics, plus 3 leather options
  • Receive up to 5 free fabric swatches
  • Modern wood base detail available
  • FSC Certified
  • Seat cushions are innerspring wrapped in polyfoam with fiber encased in downproof ticking
  • Back cushions are full-blown fiber encased in downproof ticking
  • Throw pillows are included in most configurations 
  • Build your own modular sofa with Crate and Barrel’s online layout tool 
  • Crate and Barrel offers a “see what’s available soonest tool” which is helpful if you are on a tight timeline
Bottom line: 

A true classic, the Gather sectional by Crate and Barrel will not disappoint you. This piece will be comfy for years to come, and it’s beyond stylish, with countless design options. 

A modern tufted light gray corner sectional by Jacques Deneef is in a room with light wood floors. A highly detailed marble fireplace is in the background and the walls are white.
Image via

Final Thoughts

There are so many factors to consider before you purchase a modular sectional. It will be a focal point in your living space and probably one of the room’s most expensive items.

Due to their incredible style and functionality, a modular sectional can adapt to your lifestyle over time. It’s worth doing the extra research to select the piece you will see in your home for a long time. Not only is this better for the environment, but it’s also better for your wallet.

If you want the best modular sectional sofa with great high-end options, I recommend The Nomad from Burrow. You can easily change or add to the configuration over time, and the design is sophisticated. Most importantly, it’s comfortable.

The Nomad is also one of the best modular sofas for smaller spaces and apartment living because of its unique, customizable design.

The Lovesac Sactional is one the best modular sofas you will find when it comes to comfort. Their modular design is infinitely flexible, and I love that you can completely change the covers when you want a style refresh or they look dingy.

All these features make the Lovesac a dream couch, but the price tag is high. If you prefer a budget-friendly alternative to the Lovesac, then the Honbay is one of the best modular sofas for on a budget. It’s the perfect sofa for families on a budget who don’t want to sacrifice style or comfort.

With so many great modular sofa options, you can worry about the fun stuff – like wall decor and what you will watch on movie night!

Thank you for reading! If you found this guide helpful, check out my Inspiring Patio Flooring Ideas!


One sofa from Wayfair is in a modern room. It has a u shape configuration and is navy blue. Contemporary neon lighting and gray and white accessories decorate the room.
Image via Wayfair